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Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by jorahx, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. jorahx

    jorahx Guest

    So far the fish I've thought about are.

    1x clown
    1x yellow goby
    1x long hawkfin (thing looks so cool)

    Thoughts? Idk how well the hawkfin would like my small 20g tank.

    Wonder how much actual display water is in the tank, says 20g but that's counting the back compartment I believe.

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  2. KevinT81

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    Assuming you have done a proper cycle and the tank is ready for fish i would go with two small fish. Cant go wrong with a pair of clowns. You could go as simple as ocellaris or a little more high end. As far as the pod diet that would be a mandarin goby. If you dont mind providing that diet for them its a very nice fish. Good luck.

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  3. jorahx

    jorahx Guest

    The mandarins are beautiful! But I don't have a pod population and don't want to starve the fishies.

    The tank cycle should be done. Every test I've done for the past week has been zero ammonia and zero nitrites. I plan to keep monitoring it while I research fish.

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  4. That Hawkfish will be fine. They are perchers -- not swimmers. Lots of personality as well.
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