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Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by Calde0920, Nov 5, 2016.

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    Ok so I have a couple questions trying to kill off what I believe is flukes. I know that if I have flukes then they are all over my DT. My clown and dottyback show no signs of fluke or illness but my coral beauty and flame angel do. My flame is looking better but my coral is looking really bad. I am trying to research the life cycle of flukes.

    1) Should I remove all fish from the tank and place them in quarantine buckets? That way the tank will not get host fish and the flukes will die? I will also be treating that tank with prazipro. If so does that make sense and if it does how long should I do it for?

    2) if the fish are put in buckets I will treat them individually with prazipro. And I will try to do a bucket to buckets transfer. Does that make sense?

    3) leave everything in the tank and just treat the tank?

    4) Should I fw dip my coral since he looks really bad or will this stress him out. It's kind of a last ditch effort.

    If I am to lose a fish I'd rather have it be the coral but I don't want to lose any
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    Fluke is pretty nasty.
    Nuke the whole tank with prazi and corals should be fine.
    Dipping freshwater will help temporarily and buy time for the fish if still eating.
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    I agree with @euod. Years ago I bought a copper banded butterfly from a questionable dealer. Of course I didn't QT and as a result, it introduced flukes into my tank. I lost the CB butterfly in days. 2nd was my flame angel, finally it went after my clowns. I used the fresh water dip to slow things, but ultimately Prazipro'ed the entire tank. Prazi really is the nuclear option. It will clear the flukes, but there will be fallout for your other inverts. If I recall, it wiped out my pods as well.
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  4. Calde0920

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    Well I nuked the tank with prazipro and I hope it works. I still see pods and some type of worm on the glass. Really hope it got the baddies

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