For Sale- 2 PFO Pulse Start MH Ballast - model #LT-PFAQ2-175PS-120

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    I have 2, lightly used, model #LT-PFAQ2-175PS-120 PFO MH Ballasts for sale. These PFOs are rock solid- dependable ballasts. Very clean crisp lighting.

    Each cost 224.99 from Each ballast supports 2 x 175W MHs. IMHO these as the best MH ballasts ever made.

    Original Order Info



    PFO Dual 175 watt PULSE START metal halide ballast. PFO PULSE START metal halide ballasts utilize tar style ballast (core and coil design) for reliable operation. Dual PULSE START ballasts feature two 120 volt 6 foot long power supply cords. Ballast housing is an extruded aluminum heat sink enclosure for maximum heat dissipation. Ballast has two independent on-off switches. PFO style quick disconnects for maximum versatility in socket and/or hood mounting configurations. PULSE START ballasts use an ignitor to operate all types of single ended lamps. PULSE START ballasts are recommended for use with Aqualine Buschke and Ushio bulbs for reliable bulb ignition. Dimensions: 18 inches long by 7.5 inches wide by 6.25 inches high. BALLAST COMES WITH BUILT IN FEMALE QUICK DISCONNECT SOCKET. REQUIRES PFO LAMP CORD (SOLD SEPERATELY, PART # LT-PFQD8 ) WITH PFO MALE QUICK DISCONNECT OR PFO PENDANT / REFLECTOR ASSEMBLIES WITH INTEGRAL LAMP CORD (SOLD SEPERATELY) TO PLUG INTO BALLAST.

    **They come with: 2 -15in Parallel Reflectors that are like new to mint condition; each were 44.99 from Model # LT-PFPR15SA8MOG

    Original Order Details Model # LT-PFPR15SA8MOG

    15 inch Parallel Reflector with 8 foot cord and mogel base Metal Halide socket. 12.5 inches wide by 7.5 inches deep.

    I Need 250 for everything. 2 Ballast and 2 Reflectors. All wiring will be included, and I'll throw in some newish Reeflux 20k bulbs. The Copper alone in these beasts is work more by weight. :D

    Will bring to the Swap on Saturday if I get a response today, or PM me to make arrangements.

    IMG_0043.jpg The Beast- PFO.JPG IMG_9859.JPG IMG_0012.JPG
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