For Sale: Zoas, Rockflower Nems, and Mushrooms

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, Trade' started by Enderturtle, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Got some zoas, rockflower anemones, and various mushrooms for sale.


    Scrambled Eggs 3P for 10$ SOLD OUT

    Goblins on Fire 1P will get Bigger 10$ SOLD OUT

    Bright Pink Zippers 2P = 20$ or 1P = 10$

    King Midas Approx 6P for 10$ SOLD OUT

    Utter Chaos 4P for 30$ SOLD OUT

    Rainbow Rhino 2P for 20$

    Armageddon II Big Polyp 2P for 20$

    White/Green Pipe Organs 20$ SOLD OUT

    CRC Darth Maul 1P for 20$ SOLD OUT

    Blue Lagoon 1P for 20$

    Gatorades 2P for 30$ SOLD OUT

    Red Hornets 3P for 10$ SOLD OUT

    Peachy Blues 5P for 20$ (one of my favorite zoas, these are just baby polyps and will get bigger/more color) SOLD OUT

    Wild Green Zoas 10P for 10$

    Mandarin Zoas 5P + 1 Baby Rockflower Anemone = 40$ SOLD OUT



    Blue Glittery Mushroom Baby 20$


    Green/Orange Rockflower Nem -
    Pink/Blue Rockflower Nem -
    Green/Blue Striped Nem -



    Orange Forest Fire Mushroom
    Green with Gold Rim Mushroom
    Red St. Thomas Mushroom



    Green/Red Rasta Acan -
    Red Acan -
    Black Deepwater Acan -

    Don't have these Seductions anymore. Going through my old pics and they make me cry :oops::rolleyes:

    First come first serve, I do not reserve corals unless you prepay and pick up within a week.
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  2. Bruce Spiegelman

    Bruce Spiegelman Supporting Member

  3. travis furia

    travis furia Guest

    Deep water Acan. Scrambled eggs. King Midas. Please and thank u

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  4. MarcS

    MarcS Guest

    I just cleared out a bunch of things leaving a lot of bare rock so my tank needs many of those! I'll take most of it if I'm not being too greedy. I keep my tank in north San Jose but I'm happy to come to you. I'll PM you my phone number.


    Scrambled eggs
    Pink zippers
    Utter chaos
    Armageddon II
    Red hornets
    Peachy blues
    Rasta acan
    Red acan
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  5. travis furia

    travis furia Guest

    Hey thanks man for all the coral. Love every thing I got. Totally stocked. And I spent a lot of money at the LFS near ur home. Thank u for all the info and all the beautiful coral. I'm going to need to look into the fragging event this saterday. Luis like a good time and good learning. Thanks again.

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  6. Franko

    Franko Guest

    is the Green with Gold Rim Mushroom still available?
  7. travis furia

    travis furia Guest

    Is that black acan left??

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  8. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    All I have left are zoas, bounce mushrooms, jawbreakers and some acro
  9. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Officer at large

    I thought you sold all your bounce shrooms. What acros do you still have?
  10. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Two wwc bounces left.

    Pink lemonade acro frag 2 inches

    CRC Crystal Flame ( blue tabling acro) frag at 1.5 inches)

    Tricolor acro colony

    Ill post a thread with pics/prices later

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