Forced break - Selling tank and all livestock

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, Trade' started by Gonzo, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. georgec

    georgec Guest


    I'm interested in the RBTA. Can pick up this weekend in SF.

  2. Gonzo

    Gonzo Guest

    Nudi, it's yours. I'll PM you.

    Thanks Siokoy - i appreicate it!

    Everything is now updated...
  3. georgec

    georgec Guest

    Thanks for the RBTA. Picked it up this evening. My maroon clown nested in it less than 5 minutes after I put it in my tank. Sorry that it wasn't under better circumstances with your own tank.
  4. Gonzo

    Gonzo Guest

    No problem. Glad it worked out!
  5. Gonzo

    Gonzo Guest


    Forgot to add my fish - doh!

    1 ORA snowflake clown - $50
    Mated pair of Banggai (Pterapogon kaudern) cardinalfish that spawn: $30 SOLD

    2 inch aussie bleeding apple scoly for $60 SOLD
    5 - 6 inch neon green aussie scoly for $60 SOLD
    1 acan colony with 3 heads for $15 - SOLD
    1 acan colony with 5 heads for $25 - SOLD
    5 inch neon green bubble coral for $40 -
    5 inch war coral for $45 SOLD

    4 eyed miami hurricane chalice $45 - (this is the one I got from Brian) PENDING NUDI B

    6 inch RBTA - $45 SOLD

    12 inch maxima clam. Thing is a beast! $150

    SWC 160 (1 year old) $150 SOLD

    Mag 9 pump (3 months old) $50
    57 gallon Rimless Oceanic Tank w/Stand & sump - $250 SOLD
  6. Cool_Relax

    Cool_Relax Guest

    Man! i totally missed out on a great tank! i just signed up lol

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