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    So I added a frag tank to my system and added a egg crate as a frag holder in the base of the frag tank. I think that is the standard, not to happy as the openings in the egg crate are square and the frags tend to move (larger frags), also not to easy to clean the egg crate. So I had the idea of making my own frag holder.
    I went by the local TAP plastic store and picked up some pieces of 3/4'' acrylic and drilled 1/2'' holes through the sheets to hold the frags in place. I figured ill be able to pull the pieces in and out of the tank if I need to clean them.

    The time came to drop the pieces in the tank just to find out that they FLOAT :/
    I know I should have tried that first before spending an hour drilling hundreds of holes but now i am thinking on how I can make these pieces SINK and stay down without having to put rocks on top of them.

    I thought of gluing them down to the base of the frag tank but than I wont be able to pull them out for cleaning .... I am wondering if I can use some lead balls to put in some of the holes so it will hold the plates under water. Can I safely use lead in a reef tank?

    Any ideas would help
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    Lead? No way!

    How about some bricks? They might need to be soaked to remove excess alk.

    You might want to rethink the egg crate. I think the solid acrylic will block way too much flow.
  3. I just did some research and lead and salt water don't mix to well. :confused:
    I really like the acrylic now that is drilled, the frags fit snug in the holes and don't move at all compare to the egg crate where the frags sit very lose.
    I don't think brick would work as I have 3 acrylic plates to go in my 24x16 frag tank and the bricks would take to much space. Thats why I thought I need something small but mighty heavy .... I am leaning towards glueing the sheets down for now but still not sureo_O

    What is heavy and reef safe?
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    Get 4, one for each corner, about the same size, and zip-tie them UNDER the egg-crate.
    So they act as both stand and weight.
  5. I think I found a simple solution :D
    If I add even blank frags to the acrylic it will sink and stay down. It looks like it needs about 60-70% of the holes to be covered for it to sink to the bottom and if I cover all the holes is stays down pretty firmly.
    I don't know if I should put something under the acrylic as a spacer or should I just sit them on the ground?

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  6. It worked :)
    Ready for frags
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    Another option is to use PVC pieces as feet. Could put a cap on top and the bottom after filling with sand.

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