fragging green slimmer

Discussion in 'Propagation' started by musclebenz, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. musclebenz

    musclebenz Guest

    Has anyone fragged a green slimmer? What are the steps to ensure it goes well?
  2. Mr. Ugly

    Mr. Ugly Past President

    Pretty much just snap off a piece.

    You can use fragging shears or heavy duty nail cutters. Don't try to shear through, but just pinch it between the cutter jaws and torque it over sideways to snap the frag off.

    Dry off the base and glue it to your frag plug or rock. Put it back in the same tank or even same spot until it begins to encrust.
  3. musclebenz

    musclebenz Guest

    Thanks Norm.. that is what I thought but wanted to make sure.
  4. They dont call it the green slimer for nothing though Dan....I got a frag from Matt a while back and when i got home and pulled it out it slimed so bad i couldnt glue it till the next day...
  5. Dyngoe

    Dyngoe Guest

    Hey, I don't want to be accused of passing out non-sliming slimer. ;D When I say "Green Slimer" you better be ready to get a fair share of slime. :D
  6. haha...I thought it was just a name till i pulled it out of the were right though Matt...That thing grows like crazy...
  7. musclebenz

    musclebenz Guest

    I was pretty luckly, I completed the fragging without much slime. I will give them a week before I post them

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