Free Anemone Hermit crab(with anemone on his shell)

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  1. mikecom

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    Hi I have a large Anemone hermit crab to give for free! yes its free! I have him for a year now he is comical and eats almost anything. he is about a size of an 8 ball. he has a healthy anemone on the side of his shell, you can kind of see it in the 2nd pic (left side, real size is about the size of a quarter). sometimes i target feed the anemone and he gets jealous.

    i can bring it to the frag meet tomorrow if anyone is interested. or you can come pick it up in santa clara anytime today. first come first serve, hurry i also posted on craiglist
    I bought it from reefs2go for about 20 dollars. I am looking for someone to adopt him.

    here are his pics, he is adorable


    for more info check out

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  2. neuro

    neuro Webmaster

    holy crap it's huge. hope he/she finds a good home!
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  3. bondolo

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    Very adorable but I fear it would be instant wrasse food in my tank. I've given up on trying to keep shrimp and hermits with my pastel green wrasse.
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  4. neuro

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    but it's the size of an 8 ball...
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  5. mikecom

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    yes he is big i dont think wrass would bother him. infact if wrass keeps you from keeping shrimps or hermit i believe he is the one for you.

    he is almost the size of a baseball :) very active sift sand like a machine!
  6. euod

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    Ooh I would like to have it.
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