FREE Bangaii Cardinal and Blood Red Fire Shrimp

Discussion in 'Pay It Forward' started by aquatic mouse, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Someone is killing fish in my tank. I'm not sure if it's the cardinal or the shrimp. The cardinal was the first fish in the tank, so he thinks it's his. I'm in Santa Clara, so if someone wants to pick them up tonight, great. If not, I'll be headed to Neptune tomorrow, so you could meet me at home or there. They're in frag cups, so no later than tomorrow.
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  2. Kara13

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    The blood fire shrimp is one of my favorites in my tank. Very peaceful. Highly doubt he's the problem.
  3. After doing more research, I agree with you. I'm just sick to my stomach about loosing so many fish. I've lost over $200 worth. I do think it's the bangaii cardinal, not the shrimp. I'm going to keep the shrimp at least until I talk to Neptune tomorrow.
  4. euod

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    Bangaii is killing fish? I lose a lot of fish and I wish I could say it's the cardinal:) Keep the fish, but if you are set on giving it away, I would like it. I would love to blame him killing my clarion angel:)
  5. Euod, sending you a pm.
  6. Is it possible you have a hitchhiker mantis shrimp in your LR?
  7. It was the bangaii. My clown and fire shrimp are still healthy and doing well.

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