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  1. I have a blue damselfish and two honey lemon damselfish. They were rescued from another hobbyist. They have been in quarantine tank treated with Cupramine for 2 months. Healthy, fat, and energetic.
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    I wouldn't mind having them. Thx
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  3. Devilfish!!!!!
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  4. Can you come pick up today?
  5. I think one of the Damsel's monikers is Blue Devilfish lol or Blue Sapphire
  6. Can you pick up today?
    I need to make room for a Melanarus Wrasse to go into treatment tank
  7. this cutie

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    I had one of the blue ones before, perfect model citizen... in a tank fully of anemones, tomato clownfish, and dwarf angels that were easily 4 times its size.
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    I can somehow get it at swap. Thx
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    Msg sent

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  11. First come, first serve.
  12. gone. Thanks, ashburn!

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