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Discussion in 'Pay It Forward' started by mckevinfang, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. mckevinfang

    mckevinfang Guest

    hello all,
    its been a few years since I've been on here, oh how time flies. to make a long story short I have a red sea max 30 currently running in my room which i plan to take down and sell but before hand i want to give away all the livestock and make sure it goes to a good home that can take them. this tank has been running for about 2 years now all the fish and inverts have been together for at least a year now as a group. here is what i have:

    - 1 scarlet cleaner shrimp
    - 2 bonded pair of Ocellaris clownfish
    - 1 yellow goby
    - 1 lawnmower goby
    - 1 large bubble coral
    - 2 small mushrooms corals on LR
    - 1 small/med neon toad stool coral
    - 1 extra large margarita hermit crab (inside a conch shell)
    - a few mixed hermits (blue and red)
    - 30+ lbs of live rock that currently has hair algae on them
    - 20+ lbs live sand

    i prefer someone to take everything as a whole or multiple items at a time.

    with work and personal life taking up too much of my time i have neglected this hobby and need the cash from selling the tank with tons of accessories. if you know of someone who would like the whole take with everything it will go up for sale for only $1000. not in a huge rush either. i will try and post photos up soon.
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  2. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Where in the bayarea are you located, that might help direct someone to pick up your live stock.

    For instance I would take it all, but if you're too far away it better go to someone else.
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  3. Kresley

    Kresley Guest

    I would be happy to take all the livestock
  4. mckevinfang

    mckevinfang Guest

    Mike, I live in San Francisco near SF state university and Daly City Bart
  5. MarcS

    MarcS Supporting Member

    I am new to the hobby, just discovered this forum, and this is my first post,

    I'm just now setting up my first tank. It's 120 gallons and I've been getting constant instruction and guidance from Keith at Keith's coral reefs in San Jose. I am addicted to this and absolutely fascinated by the complexities of it all.

    I would love to get some or all of the livestock if you haven't given it away yet. I will drive to SF and pick it up whenever it's convenient for you.

    I understand I'm second in line so the gentlemen posting before me has first dibs. If that doesn't work out I'd be THRILLED to have the livestock. My tank needs lots of it.

    Thank you,
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  6. mckevinfang

    mckevinfang Guest

    mike (sfsuphysics) said he would pick it all up.

    mark welcome to the hobby! thanks for the response but i'd prefer they go to an established tank. thanks
  7. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Hey Marc

    Welcome to the hobby!!!

    Keith is a great guy and very knowledgeable. I always chat with him for a while when I'm there.

    We stop by that shop now and then :)
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  8. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    Mike if you don't want the yellow goby let me know. I lost mine in my nano at work.
  9. travis furia

    travis furia Guest

    Hey do u have anything left??

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  10. anizatoreef

    anizatoreef Guest

    Hey bud, I live very close to your house, I am 2 blocks away from Balboa BART. I would be happy to see you tomorrow afternoon and grab some stuff from you. Shrimp, Bubble Coral, Yellow Goby, etc.
  11. dswong01

    dswong01 Supporting Member

    Do guys realize that post is 6 months old?
  12. travis furia

    travis furia Guest

    Yes I do. Just thought it was worth a try. No harm in asken.

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