FREE: Purple Stylo, Rainbow Monti, Bird of Paradise, ORA Electric Lime Birdnest, Tierra del Fuego

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  1. you have to acclimate very slowly in order to get goldfish in there
  2. Thank you, consigliere ;)
  3. I'll give them to people and if they wanna go through the DBTC drama, they are welcome to it
  4. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    It's obviously up to you...just helps the club get things rolling if you're distributing them anyway...
    Not sure what the drama part is all about, but you could ask someone you give a frag to to start a dbtc thread for it if it's too much for you.
  5. Welps, with a huge biomass of stony corals gone, I experience a rise in alk I'm guessing from the lowered alkalinity demands of the tank coupled with the lack of accounting for it on my dosers...and my last Oregon Tort is stning from the encrusted base.... All you acroholics out you think this Oregon Tort is going to make it?
  6. I meant that the DBTC Threads are DOA
  7. Flagg37

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    I never give up hope until it’s completely white.
  8. Waiting to hear from Spruce Biegelman

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