FS: 180 gallon 8' reef tank for sale in Livermore

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, Trade' started by bareefers, Feb 7, 2006.

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    bareefers BOD

    i know this is my first post on this board but i have been visiting CVR for about a year now. but i am closer to you guys.

    i am located in livermore and need to down size my 180 gallon.

    a 180 gallon 96 long x 18 tall x24 deep saltwater tank for sale.i am looking at down sizing to my spare 90 gallon and the whole 180 is going to go with the left over rock, approx. 200+ lbs of coralin incrusted rock,200+lbs sand with all the good critters, a bunch of corals,zoos and mushrooms. the tank will be complete and running.

    fish will include 9 chromis, 2 pajama cardinals, 1 Seabea clown, 1 foxface.
    also a about 100 lbs base rock will be included.

    lighting consists of 4 x 175 SE metal halides and 2 48"vho actinics
    one of the halide ballast heat up a bit and i think its time to replace it though. bulbs are about 3 months old now.

    there is an iwake 40 running a closed loop. i am running skimmerless right now but i have a top fathom TF100a that will be included

    i drilled and set up the tank so i didn't have to run power heads and there is good flow thourghout the tank. also there is 2 custom built overflows and i placed in the center of the tank so i could build the rocks up and around.

    stand and canopy are painted black.

    email for a more detailed list and if anyone is in the area of livermore and wants to come check it out then just shoot me an email.

    i am asking $2000

    i would include pics but i haven't figured out how yet so if anyone wants them please email me @ yellow68gto@yahoo.com

    my power bill is killing me and really haven't had the time to enjoy the tank as much as i would like so i am going to down size to the 90 and finally be able to work on my GTO again.

  2. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    Ken, still available?
  3. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    I have a buddy that may be interested. That was my "still available" post above. Is it glass or acrylic?
    Marc Daniels
  4. confusing lol

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