FS - 48" 4 bulb high output T5 fixture (2 available)

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  1. Great fixture, has worked very well for me but am changing the setup configuration so no longer need these. Finnex brand, extruded aluminum (I believe that is the material) housing, dual power supply for dawn / dusk control (2 bulbs per switch), plexi lens, and fan cooled. Bulbs have a few months of use on them but should be fine for at least another 6 months. Good condition, but note they are used.

    $80 per fixture.
  2. Quick update ... one unit is spoken for but I still have another available. I can bring it to the swap if anyone is interested in it and will be attending Saturday.
  3. PeteBoxes

    PeteBoxes Guest

    im starting a new 90 gal tank. this would be lovely! how ever my tank is 48 x 18 x 24... i wonder if i will be able to fit this... i think ill get my tank in a couple days, so ill let you know again =)
  4. Hi Peerapat ... just sent you a PM with some details / suggestions.

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