FS: Derasa and Gigas Clams

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  1. Sold! Thanks to everyone who expressed interest.


    Hey everyone ... I've been able to determine that the couple of white spots on the mantle of the derasa where not in fact color changes due to growth as I had suspected, but rather were spots where the tangs had nibbled on something on the mantle and actually nipped the surface of the mantle itself. The clam is very healthy though and seems none the worse for the wear, but given that the discoloration is not "natural" it seems only right to drop the price. Therefore, the derasa is now $80 (only $10 an inch!!!) and I'll also drop the price of the gigas to $100 since there's been interest but no takers yet. I'm planning to post these soon on RC as well, so if anyone is seriously interested, please shoot me a PM.

    One other thought ... I'm going to be needing a couple MH setups to light a 48" prop tank, so if you have a spare fixture with 250 w bulbs and electronic ballasts, let's talk! I may also need to pickup a solid recirculating skimmer, so if you've got a good one lying around, perhaps we can do a trade for the clams + some cash to make up the balance. LMK!

    Apologies about the misinformation on the derasa, but that's what a clown and anemone guy gets for trying to be a clam guy ... ::)


    2 friendly and attractive ~8" clams seeking new accomodations ... the derasa has gold lined patterns with a purplish mantle lip while the gigas has the classic bluish-green spotted mantle (see a couple pics below, more available upon request). These two have been rooming together for the past 6 years, but would no doubt take well to setting out on their own if necessary.

    $120 each, or both for $200 ... can meet partway or deliver to save some commuting time. Please PM me with any questions.

    Thanks, Robin ...
  2. Natterjak

    Natterjak Guest

    Oh, I would love the Gigas - if only I had the cash right now! :)
  3. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    Oh I wish we had out tank up for those Robin :(
  4. Yah ... I saw that you were looking a while back for some ... with you guys watching these they'd be in food heaven and you'd probably get the world's fastest growth rates! Would be rather fun to see how fast you could get the Gigas to grow.
  5. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    That's the plan. Dick Perrin of Tropiquarium in Michigan said he grow Maximas from 1" to 6" in a year with major IA feedings. I have to take his word on it even though that's like 4 years growth in 1 year :D
  6. Elite

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    What is IA? 1" to 6" in a year is hard to believe for Maxima ;D..
  7. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    Instant Algae and if you know who Dick Perrin is you'd understand he's known for telling the truth :)
  8. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    Robin, you can use the Reply button ( not the quick post) and use the attchment features to put pics in too. I would love to see the clams, but probably too big for me since I have 2 large gigas already.....still if the color is cool....you never know. :)
  9. Arnold, thanks for the hints ... when I tried this it seemed that the link was looking for a URL, which would mean I'd already had to have posted the pics to a website. Is it possible to post them directly to a message from the hard drive?
  10. euod

    euod Supporting Member

  11. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    Robin, yes click under the additional options and you can browse to local file.
  12. GreshamH

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    Look for the button that says "donate to Gresham"...it takes paypal even :D
  13. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    Are these pics there yours? by Theu? the 2nd one looks like a squamosa.
  14. Arnold, these are indeed the clams ... a big "thanks" to euod for kindly posting the pics ... really appreciated!!!

    I'm pretty darn sure the one is a derasa ... looks like a really big version of the ones on Live Aquaria at http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=497+529+585&pcatid=585

    Then again as we're not talking about clowns or anemones, anything is possible with me!
  15. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    I can't tell form the top for sure, but if it has a smooth shell then you are probably right, if it has large shutes or scales coming off the shell, then its probably a squamosa. Either way nice to see large clams. Good luck with the sale.
  16. Posted update with revised prices ...
  17. guihan

    guihan Guest

    Robin, Thanks for meeting so close to my place. The clams seem to be doing just fine. Thanks for everything.


  18. Benjamin, my pleasure ... they seem to have made the transfer OK and look quite happy. Hopefully you'll enjoy them for a very long time!
  19. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    Hey Ben and Robin,

    The 2nd clam is a squamosa...not a deresa. Deresa have smoth shells. Still nice though. Trying to catch up with me? : )
  20. alve

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    I have no experience at all with clams so I was wondering how easy these Derasa and Gigas or any other clams are to keep? I believe I read that the small ones are very difficult?
    Seeing all these clams on here and on people's tank threads I am curious what the requirements are to keep them happy and healthy and might consider adding a clam one day to my system.
    Do they need special feeding, a lot of flow...? Seeing that most people keep them on the bottom of their tank I guess they don't need too much light? Just a lot of questions... ;D

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