FS: Derasa and Gigas Clams

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  1. Apon

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    Here Aldie,

    this might help. I think if you can keep SPS alive you can probably do a clam as well. Deresa seems to be the easiest. Start with one at least 3 inches or more.

  2. Apon

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  3. alve

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    Thanks Arnold! I will check out those links.
  4. Arnold, thanks for the confirmation as I was off on the squamosa / derasa earlier ... again, I should stay in the clown pool. Ben, like I said yesterday, listen to Arnold, not me!!!
  5. guihan

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    Arnold, thanks for all the info. I'm not trying to catch up, just learning from the best. ;D

    Robin, no biggie. They look good and more than happy. Thanks Again!

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