FS..Down Grading my 120.

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    Well I made the very hard decision to down grade my 120 reef Tank to a 60 gallon cube. My work schedule and family just don't allow for the care it needs causing my issues I have recently had. I have always done way better with smaller systems. I'm not getting out. I couldn't even think that while talking with my wife. She saw I was already stressed out about it.

    So up for sale or trade for the right deal is the following.

    120 Gallon Oceanic Reef Tank....Dual Overflows 4 years old black back
    Custom built Steel stand 36"high with no front center bracing. Well built. 1 1/2 years old, Wood panels for the front and sides. I would replace them.
    Aqueon Proflex #4 sump/fuge or 40 gallon un baffled breeder
    Rio Hyper flow 21 return pump
    SQWID return 1/2"
    J├Ąger 300 watt heater
    4 #4's Hydors
    All plumbing
    JBJ Auto Top off with Toms
    Live sand
    LR ( after I remove what I will need)
    Filter socks
    2 TLF reactors

    $750.00 OBO

    With my new TeK Elite Lighting with All ATI bulbs, all replaced in November. Lighting still under warranty.

    $1,100.00. OBO

    Possible trades

    60 Gallon Cube fully set up. Glass only, lighting LED or MH, sump, powerheads and equipment. We can talk about it if the time comes.



  2. Borchers

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    All live stock will be going with me....

    My Tangs will be up for sale to a good home more to come on them.

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