**FS: Equipment for local pickup in S.F. - Aquavitro Salinity/BRS RO/DI AND MORE**

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    FS: Equipment for local pickup in S.F. Cash/Mobile PayPal
    PM is KEY

    SOLD EcoTech Radion XR30 (Gen1) like new complete with box, includes standard hanging kit. $550 SOLD
    MFR: Oct. 1, 2012
    Purchased: Nov. 1, 2012
    Proof of purchase.

    SOLD Tunze Universal Osmolator 3155 (ATO) great condition complete with box and extended power leads. $150 SOLD
    Marine Depot Order Date: 5/27/2012

    SOLD Aquavitro Salinity Reef Salt 225 gal bucket now down to about 190. $30

    Free sweetners w/any purchase: Coral fragging/feeding/medicate tools: new syringes, scalpels, droppers etc

    $110 for everything excluding RO/DI system

    Lots of foods that are 75%+ full & Preventatives etc. $40
    Coral Frenzy ($20), NLS PELLETS Garlic 1mm, Formula 2 Flakes, Selcon ($12), Dried Mysis/Brine/Krill shrimps, Nori Seaweed w/clip, Revive Coral Cleaner, Melafix, Prime, Ick Cure, Prazipro, Caribsea PurpleUP, Chemi Pure Elite (3 weeks used), Stick of epoxy, Turkey Baster

    30-35 lbs. Reefcleaners Florida dry rock and BRS Pukani cured/dry, plus large beautiful barnacle cluster. $30

    Reef and Saltwater Master Test Kits 5 Tests old. $25 for both

    Vertex Refractometer w/calibration fluid, complete w/case, cloth, water dropper and screwdriver. $25

    Eheim Jager Heaters. $30 for both
    75w & 125w complete

    BRS 5-Stage Chloramines RO/DI 75 Gal System very clean condition. $150 S/H & Paypal fee 50/50
    BRS Order Date: May 24, 2012

    -1000 gal. of usage (includes 4:1) and pushing out .000TDS
    I estimate that each filter stage has up to 80% life left over (excluding sediment/stage 1)
    I reproduce 20gal of .000TDS every two weeks and that is 100gal of water when converted to 4:1 ratio of waste water/pure water and have done so up until last week (5 months).
    I also flush the membrane out pre and post water production to prolong longevity.

    Parts Bag Includes:

    1/4" Push Connect drain saddle clamp to plumb the waste water line from the RO system to a sink's drain pipe
    Mur-lok Push Connect ball valve for easy on/off
    Filter wrench to tighten and loosen canisters
    Self-piercing saddle valve to make a permanent connection to household water supply
    Chrome faucet connector to make a non-permanent connection to kitchen sink
    Utility sink/garden hose adapter to make a non-permanent connection to garden hose or laundry tub
    Mur-lok EZ angle stop adaptor to make a semi-permanent connection to household water supply under sink

    Standard Features:

    Catalytic Carbon Rinse Valve for quick and easy rinsing of the carbon stage
    Automatic shut-off valve
    Mur-lok Push Connect dual EPDM O-Ring fittings
    All BRS Reverse Osmosis units exclusively feature American made DOW, MATRIKX and Purtrex filters. We also use American made Mur-lok dual EPDM O-ring fittings whenever possible on all of our reverse osmosis units. These NSF certified fittings and filters cost us more than inexpensive imports, but set our units apart from the competition."

    5 Stages of Filtration:

    Purtrex 5 micron depth sediment filter (needs replacing soon $3-6 a piece)
    BRS Packed Catalytic Carbon Cartridge (good up to 5,000gals)
    Pentek ChlorPlus 10 Carbon Block (good up to 5,000gals)
    75 GPD Dow Filmtec Membrane (good up to 1year + depending on husbandry of pre-stage filters)
    Single DI Refillable Cartridge (good up to 1year + depending on husbandry of pre-stage filters)

    PLUS Features:

    Air-filled Pressure Gauge (100 psi) to help ensure the RO system is performing properly
    Membrane Flush Kit to help maintain RO membrane

    Self bought add-on:
    Float shutoff valve (auto stops when full)
    Leak proof connector fittings (red)

    **Your mileage may vary due to source of water quality and TDS content**
    For example: The source of my water has a TDS of 30-50 here in San Francisco, CA, low but contains Chloramines.



    Freebies with purchase
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    What is it that you keep updating?
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    Fine tuning the details. Why, are you interested in something specific?

    BTW Tunze 3155 is now sold.

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    ~> entertaining offers for ro/di system

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