FS/FT - SA Clownfishes (SA Onyx, SA SnowOnyx, SA Snowflake, SA Platinum)

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, Trade' started by kmaintl, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. eldiablosrt8

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    we get the fish from SA and they seem to host nems 60-70% of the time.... charles i think the rumor that captive bred wont host is about as much of a lie as all clowns will host a nem at some point,LOL
  2. 650-IS350

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    The 2 previous pairs I had, Had NO clue to what a nem was LOL..

    and Now my RBTA has moved to the center of my rock work and can't really removed him. So I might as well get some clowns that WILL host him. and look good while they're at it.
  3. kmaintl

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    We had one customer who had a pair of Black Oscellaris that never hosted for over 6 months. He sold to someone and for 6 months, it still didn't host. In the meantime, the RBTA split twice, so there's 3 now and the clowns go crazy in and out of all 3 nems. It took over a year, but they found it on their own.
  4. kmaintl

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    3 remaining SA Platinums are hosting the RBTA already. LoL
  5. hermesfansf

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    I won't even let my onyx clown to host Rbta anymore, as Rbta releases some kinds of chemicals that cause the onyx to lose its black pigment.
  6. kmaintl

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    I heard the same for Onyx.
  7. kmaintl

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  8. I think the lightening of black pigmentation in Onyx and other darkly shaded perculas may vary from population to population of fish, or perhaps even from fish to fish. I've had both experiences with onyx hosting ... some faded slightly while others even darkened up a bit when hosting in BTAs.
  9. kmaintl

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    Robin, thanks for the clarification.

    One of the Onyx clowns and 2 of the Black oscellaris are now hosting the nem. They are starting to figure it out. It's really cute!!!
  10. kmaintl

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  11. kmaintl

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    Onyx 1.5" - 2" $75 each (2 pairs available)
    SnowOnyx 1.5" - 2" $100 each (1 pair available)
    Snowflake 1.5" - 2" $75 each (1 pair available)
    Platinum 1" - 1.25" (sold out)
    Black & White 1" - 1.5" $35 each
  12. 650-IS350

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    Thanks Ed, they're do ok in the tank. Some of the damsels are just telling them not to go on they're side of the tank. LOL

    But they're hanging around the RBTA but havent gone in yet.
  13. kmaintl

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    Your wife will think you're the greatest... for getting her, her favorite clownfish! LoL They'll go into your RBTA in no time at all. Enjoy!

    The guy who came after you wasn't disappointed. He just wanted one Platinum anyways. Now, I got to reorder as we're without the pair we were planning to keep for our display tank.
  14. kmaintl

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    Eric, in response to your PM. 1st photo of snowonyx and 2nd photo is snowflake. 3rd photo has both pairs in it.

    Patterns look very similar. snowonyx is a percula hybrid and snowflake is ocellaris. snowonyx start off with a more pale orange, but the orange darkens with age. snowonyx is more rare and is exclusive to SA. this is the explanation i rec'd from SA.

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    UPDATE (new pairs just arrived today 6/8/2012)
    Onyx 1.5" - 2" $75 (2 new pairs available)
    SnowOnyx 1.5" - 2" $100 (1 pair available)
    Snowflake $75 (sold out)
    Platinum 1" - 1.25" $150 (2 new pairs available)
    Black Ice 1.5"-2" $150 (2 new pairs available)
    Black & White 1" - 1.5" $35

    NOTE: Looking to trade for 10"+ deep red RBTA or small Purple Tang. If interested or any questions, email me.

    Ed ~aka kmaintl~

    Attached files /attachments/sites/default/files/BlackIce.jpg
  16. kmaintl

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    After 2 months, we finally got all our customers their fill of designer clownfishes as well as we've collected what we needed or our own clownfish/anmeone tank.

    These are the last 2 pairs available, plus a couple of Picasso pairs pending (in case buyer changes their mind). The below are short videos, just click on the links.




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