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Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, Trade' started by Mark SF, Nov 8, 2015.

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  1. Mark SF

    Mark SF Supporting Member

    This is a time sensitive offer, looking for someone who is interested in purchasing all of my equipment in one shot. This is a crazy good deal, pick up in North San Francisco.

    This is for all of my fish tank equipment, the whole lot. I'm sure there is a bunch of stuff that I couldn't even find that we will dig up that is included. If it is fish related, it is yours.

    All of the dollar amounts are what I paid for this equipment, most of this gear was purchased brand new. Serious inquires only. Paid over $12,000.00 Asking $2,500 for everything listed. This is firm, I've run the math and could easily get over $4k if I parted this out. I don't have the time, want it all gone before Dec. 1st.

    Pictures to come shortly.

    Keith Grandt Custom Built Tank $1,200.00
    75 Gallon - 36" long x 20" tall x 24" deep
    Starphire on three sides with clear silicone, internal overflow for Herbie Drain (2 drain, 1 return - 1" Pipe)
    Euro Braced Top and Bottom for increased seismic protection
    Custom Stand $750.00 (Built by Chris from Neptunes in San Jose)
    Custom Sump (white on clear acrylic, really looks sharp, Built by Chris from Neptunes in San Jose) $475.00
    Elos Metal Halide Pendant x2 250w $900.00
    Manta Bracket w/Blue Elite XP LED $900.00
    2x Lumatek Select-a-Watt Ballasts (150/175/250) $125.00x2
    2x Brand New Phoenix 14K Bulbs $150.00
    Apogee MQ-200 Par Meter $350.00

    Apex Lite $450.00
    WXM $125.00
    ALD + 4 Sensors $300.00
    EB4 $125.00

    2x MP40Wes $600.00
    2x MP10Wes $500.00

    Avast Marine PRO ATO w/Apex Integration $200.00
    and peristaltic pump

    Avast Marine Kalkwasser Stirrer $250.00

    Pacific Sun Kore 5th Doser (used for a month) $450.00

    BRS Mini Reactor $50.00

    JBJ Arctica Chiller 1/10HP $450.00
    Eheim 1262 Return Pump $160.00
    Eheim 1250 $100.00
    Jebao 4T Pump $80.00

    Royal Exclusiv Double Kone 150 (brand new, used 2 weeks) $800.00
    Korallen Zucht Revolution S Deluxe Protien Skimmer $900.00
    Korallen Zucht Easy Lift Magnetic Zeovit Reactor $400.00

    Saltwater Mixing Station (2x 35G Leg Tanks + Shelving Unit) $250.00

    Milwaukee Digital Refractometer (Brand New) $120.00

    Algae Free Cleaning Magnet $90.00
    Eheim Auto Feeder $40.00
    2x Eheim Heaters 100w $50.00
    2x 175G Boxes Instant Ocean $80.00
    Hundreds of Dollars in Test Kits: Salifert, Elos, etc.
    Hanna Phosphate Checker $50.00
    Hundreds of Dollars in ZeoVit Additives
    5G Water Jugs x 10
    Too much other stuff too list.
    Also have most of the original boxes

    Contact: 408.209.1496
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  2. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    you getting out of the hobby Mark?
  3. Mark SF

    Mark SF Supporting Member


    Unfortunately yes. I am moving out of my current place and don't have the time or bandwidth with the new job. I will put together a new system when I am somewhere more permanent. The other issue was just the constant fear of a leak damaging someone else's property hanging over my head and me forgetting to tighten down my chiller lines leaking all over the place was the catalyst!

    I will still be around CAS though, and thats a decent dose of reefing for the week to hold me over to my next project.
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  4. nly04

    nly04 Guest

    Keith Grandt tank is one of the best tank maker that I seen so far. It solid , sturdy and very nice detail. I regret not order my current tank from Keith. Bump for a great tank.
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  5. Mark SF

    Mark SF Supporting Member

    Thanks for the kind words and I fully agree. I spent quite a lot of time, including selling of a Cad Lights tank because it was near impossible to match the quality of what Keith can provide in the Bay Area. The tank was NOT cheap, but was in line with a LeMar at the time.

    I will also add that the tank is 1/2" glass throughout, but it still works great with Vortech MP10's. This tank is an absolute beast and has as much glass as many tanks twice its size.
  6. Mark SF

    Mark SF Supporting Member

    Please Close! Thanks.
  7. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    This thread is closed.
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