FS: Huge red/pink/white streaked chalice colony, anemones, frags, tubs blue zoos, tons of other stuff.

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, Trade' started by Eight, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Eight

    Eight Guest

    Ok, I really need to make space in my aquarium so I am looking to unload a lot of corals. Here's what I have for sale. (I posted this on CL and RC. I'll cut better deals on stuff for BAR members.)

    $200 Very large, 5.5"x3.5" red, white, pink streaked chalice. This is a very nice piece. (Photo attached) It looks like the BPC flamethrower chalice, but doesn't have the yellow eyes.
    $70 Pink eyed, blue base echino chalice. 3" x 3"
    $60 Beautiful teal/purple blasto. 4 heads on a frag disk. These are unmistakably teal and purple, not 'kinda' teal and purple.
    $40 Neon orange plate coral with blue tips. (The tips are very very small, but they are blue. The orange is extremely bright.)
    $30 Doctor's Foster and Smith Orange Eye Leptastrea (frags)
    $30 Metallic green pavona colony. Electric green, very hardy. Smaller frag available as well.
    $25 Glowing neon green eyed favia. Looks radioactive. Really.
    $25 Christmas favia 2" x 2" chunk
    $20 Red with white stripes acan mini colonies. These aren't lame little frags, they average 8-10 heads each.
    $20 Merletti blastos, 15 heads+
    $20+ Duncan mini colonies. Average 6-8 heads a piece.

    $40 Doctor's Foster and Smith Reverse Superman monti frags (Bright red base with metallic blue polyps)
    $25+ Monitpora undata. Beautiful green base, white polyps, purple rim. Smallest frag is 1"x1" block, growing over on all sides.
    $15 Green hydnophora frags

    $20 Tubs Blue Zoos (I have over 30 frag plugs covered in these. Between 10 and 15 heads on each plug.)
    $20 Nuclear green palys (5+ polyps per frag)
    $20 Purple death palys (5+ polyps per frag)
    $15+ Tyree neon green polyp leather coral frags. (These were cut over a month ago and have healed and are already toadstool shaped.)
    $15+ Gold clove polyp frags. (Several of these available, bright gold tips. Smallest is 10 heads)
    $10+ Neon green star polyps. From small frags to 3"x3" colony. Really metallic.

    $60 Green tipped, purple bubble tip anemone. 5"+ across.
    $30+ Rose bubble tip anemones

    I have a ton more stuff that I haven't listed. I'll make you a deal if you buy more than $60. No holding, first come first served.

    Located in Santa Clara/West San Jose near Valley Fair Mall, right off of 280 and 880.

    Keywords: Coral, frags, chalice, zoos, saltwater, salt, water, aquarium, tank, reef

    Flamethrower like chalice:

    Orange/blue eyed plate:

    Rose anemones and green/purple anemone (old photo):

    Tube true blue zoo frags. I wasn't kidding about having too many:

    DFS Orange Eye Leptastrea:

    Here's a link to a gallery with photos of the actual frags:
  2. screebo

    screebo Supporting Member

    I'm interested in the teal blastos and maybe a small RBTA. I'll PM
  3. phishphood

    phishphood Guest

    What's pic #22?
  4. Eight

    Eight Guest

    Red/green lobo. He sometimes gets gold/orange around the edge. Here's an older but better photo. He's $45.

  5. patchin

    patchin Facilities / Event Coordinator

    You're on the Peninsula someplace? I like that LOBO.
  6. Eight

    Eight Guest

    Southbay, off 880 and 280. Right by Valley Fair Mall. If you want it, Steve, I can hold it for you. He's a good size, probably 5" across?
  7. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    what color are the duncans?
  8. Eight

    Eight Guest

    Green and cream. Typical duncan color. They are quite prolific and fluffy though.

    Photo here:

  9. Thales

    Thales Past President

    I'm interested in this:
    $60 Green tipped, purple bubble tip anemone. 5"+ across.

    Not sure when I can pick it up though. :D
  10. patchin

    patchin Facilities / Event Coordinator

    Yes, please keep the Lobo for me. How much light does it need?
  11. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    Steve, I'm not sure the conditions of his lobo, but I have one growing in pretty low light conditions and it is plenty happy there (ie, doesn't need a lot of light).
  12. yardartist

    yardartist Guest

    Mine grow at the bottom of my tank, but I feed them some too. Bet you like this coral. If you don't I will buy it from you.
  13. Eight

    Eight Guest

    Low light for sure. He gets huge and puffy at night and loves to eat. Steve, I'll save him for you. Just PM me to coordinate a pick up.

    Rich, I'll save you one of those green/purple anemones too. Just let me know when you want him. I come up to SF often, so I could probably meet you in SF if you prefer sometime.
  14. aalhait

    aalhait Guest


    Perhaps I should pass by and pickup stuff before everyone else ;=)
  15. screebo

    screebo Supporting Member

    I'll be in your neighborhood Sunday afternoon. I'll post pics of the acan and if you want to trade for the teal blasto I'll separate 12 heads for you. The very green candy cane is also very attractive, about 4 inches across the 6 heads. Otherwise, I'll be happy to just purchase the blasto. PM sent with cell phone.
  16. aalhait

    aalhait Guest

    I thought the Teal Blasto was mine ;)
  17. screebo

    screebo Supporting Member

    Edited: I didn't notice the wink.............YOU GUYS!

    (No problem if you committed to it before me. I "showed interest" early on but was not ready to commit at that time. No Worries Mate. Nab it. Jason, I'll still grab a small RTBA if one is still available.)

  18. Eight

    Eight Guest

    Hey guys, actually the blastos went to Richard. Don't worry though, my colony is good size and I can make a couple of frags soon. (AJ, I still owe you several pieces, so don't worry. :p I already told you you need to set your new tank up!)

    John, I think I have 12 varieties of acans, but go ahead and send me pics of the acan anyways and maybe we could still arrange a trade. At the very least, you're always welcome to just stop by tomorrow if you're in the area. :)
  19. screebo

    screebo Supporting Member

    You're a good man, Charlie Brown, I mean Jason. I've sent you a PM with pics (nice ones) of the acan and the candy cane just for fun. I think I just let the acan grow out for a bit as it has about doubled in size in the last 10 months and looks majestic!
    I do look forward to seeing your marine universe soon! Thanks!
  20. patchin

    patchin Facilities / Event Coordinator

    Thanks for the Lobo, Jason. It's definitely the jewel of the tank now.

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