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    Edited: livestock and added phone number

    Hi gang!

    Long story short, I went away for the long weekend and at some point my Apex faulted on me. I've been back and forth with Neptune on it and I'm confident I will get it fixed, unfortunately I cannot keep up with the tank in this state.

    Tank: Innovative Marine Nuvo 16g (up and running for over a year, includes acrylic pedestal stand!)

    Stand: 3-drawer wooden stand, distressed, great condition

    Return: Since Synchra 1.5 (I also have the factory return pump, did not use)

    Heater: ViaAqua Titanium 200w (w/controller)

    Livestock: 15lbs LR, 1 Long Spined Urchin (softball sized), 1 Fire Shrimp

    I have a thread in the journal section of you want to see the setup. I'm holding on to the Kessil w/Le Russo mount kit, MP10, and Apex. Hey... how else am I gonna start up my next, bigger tank? :)

    $200 for BAR members!

    Text 867-5309 for inquiries.
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  2. Vhuang168

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    That's great deal! Quick, someone buy it before I do!
  3. Spoon

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    Basically this is a complete IM Nuvo 16 setup, minus the light. I guess if the buyers wants it, I will toss in the Kessil A350W (no mount) for an extra $150 if it helps the tank find a new home.

    Otherwise I am keeping the Kessil for the next project.

    $350 for tank, stand, acrylic platform, Sicce return pump, ViaAqua Titanium 200w heater w/controller, Kessil A350W, other random goodies. hope someone takes it soon!

    Thanks for the bump!
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  4. Spoon

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    FYI this is also now posted for sale on FB, starting tomorrow I will start taking livestock to California Reef, and the setup will be completely broken down and posted in Craigslist if there are no takers.

    If it gets to Craigslist point, only tank and stand will be for sale. All other peripherals will be kept.

  5. Vhuang168

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    I Pm'd you about it on Friday.

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  6. Spoon

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    Replied. Tapatalk Sucks, I didn't get notification, sorry!
  7. Spoon

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    Please text 867-5309 for inquiries. Thanks!
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  8. Spoon

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    Setup pending sale tomorrow
  9. Spoon

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    Gone..thanks guys!
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