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  1. JRocha

    JRocha Supporting Member

    So.... I know I've done this in the past but after almost all my coral dying my wife and I have had enough of killing corals. Weird cause all my fish are completely healthy and water quality is fine. So with that said. I am looking to sell all my fish at once to a person who has an established tank. Not one that just got setup cause the fish I'm posting are on the high end. I have
    1 - candy basslet
    1 - Swiss guard
    1 - Barbonious anthias
    4 - Helfrich fire fish
    1 - white tailed bristletooth tang
    1 - radiant wrasse
    1 - Randall goby
    1 - hectors goby
    1 - random blue green Trimma goby.

    I'm looking to get 1200 cash for all of the fish. I'm NOT separating them as I do not have time to deal with multiple people at the moment. Price is firm as all these fish cost me well over 1600 easy. Plus they have all been in my system for over a year and eat like pigs and are very healthy. When the livestock goes. Then I will post a separate post about equipment which again spared no expense on my equipment. Thanks and hope I can find these gorgeous fish a great new home for a great price. Thanks for looking.

    Oh ya forgot to mention. I have a few corals left like a Jason fox toro bravo favia, a nice sized Mia's pot of gold that I got from ocean treasures when Ian sold some pieces. 2 rock nems and like 3 blastos a few acans and some random zoas bleeding apples scoly and 4 walking dendros a dendro a couple balanophylias and some yellow bounce mushrooms. Yellow bublbles with like a brownish purplish background. You buy the fish you get the coral.

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  2. If anyone gets a group buy together on this I'd love a Candy Basslet, but my tank can't handle multiple fish at this time. It's a bit over-stocked.
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  3. Kensington Reefer

    Kensington Reefer Supporting Member

    Oh my!
  4. JRocha

    JRocha Supporting Member

    ya. tell me about it. just don't have the time since I have way too many hobbies and pets at the moment. plus watching my coral die and losing thousands of dollars just hurts. not a fan of harming living things.
  5. JRocha

    JRocha Supporting Member

    oh yeah one of those pics i posted is what the tank once was.
  6. Kensington Reefer

    Kensington Reefer Supporting Member

    Sorry to hear
    My sympathies
    Let me know if I may be of help
  7. JRocha

    JRocha Supporting Member

    Will do. Thank you sir.
  8. Fish Boss

    Fish Boss Supporting Member

    I be down to join a group buy. I'm interested in 1-4 of the firefish, rock nems, and a scoly
  9. JRocha

    JRocha Supporting Member

    the candy basslet sells for 1500 plus alone online. so I feel like what I am offering is a great deal for healthy fish. sorry not directed towards anyone just throwing it out there. I bought mine from aquatic collections for 650 I believe which was a great price.
  10. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    Include me on the group buy for the Radiant wrasse
  11. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    Prices have gone down for candy basslets. $1,500 would be for a mated pair as in here:


    $675 is for one from PIA and ships for free since they offer free shipping for anything over $500. They also guarantee the fish for 7 days after arrival. There were also some captive bred specimens that went up for sale not too long ago. Too bad the breeder sold off his broodstock since they took forever to transition over.

    How big is the borbonius anthias?

    Regardless, great price for all the fish and corals. Haven't seen Ian's name or Ocean Treasures mentioned in a long time.
  12. JRocha

    JRocha Supporting Member

    i wanna say the anthias is close to 3 inches from head to tail. its growing fast. I bought it when is was tiny. Its a fatty. eats everything you drop in the tank. And ya thats how old the Mias pot of gold is. I bought it as a 2 eye frag and it now has over 50 eyes.
  13. JRocha

    JRocha Supporting Member

    cheaper than most wrasses but hard to find one without mouth rot and dies in a few days. I've tried to save plenty of them. First one in 15 years of being in the hobby to live for me. one of my favorite wrasses and its always hunting. All of these fish have been on my wish list since the day I started or when I found out about them. all are passive fish too. no fighting.
  14. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    You have an awesome fish list for sure. Wrasses by far my favorite and I haven't seen the Radiant in a long time. The Marble Wrasse is another fave on my list
  15. JRocha

    JRocha Supporting Member

    Thanks. ya it took me a while to find it. then I thought it died when I first got it cause i didn't see it for a month until I found out that it came out only for like an hour or so in the middle of the day when nobody was home. after that i got a chance to feed it brine and it started staying out longer and longer each day. its about the same size of the anthers so 3 inches head to tail.
  16. Newjack

    Newjack Supporting Member

    I'm down for the Barbonious anthias if this turns into a group buy.
  17. JRocha

    JRocha Supporting Member

    Well if everyone plans on a group buy I'm ok with that as long as the fish are going to established aquariums. Not sure how that plays out though as I have never participated in a group Buy. My wife is not very comfortable with people coming to our home so if the group wants to figure out a public place and time on the weekends to meet as I work during the week please let me know. I will bring the fish in a cooler in individual bags. Just let me know who gets what so I can separate the fish accordingly. As for the coral I'm not sure how you guys want to do that. So I can just put it in the cooler in just tank water. So when we meet just bring some containers and split the coral the way you want. I will have plenty of my tank water so don't worry about filling containers.
  18. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Officer at large

    If you're not looking to get money for the corals, you could always donate them to the regional swap.
  19. JRocha

    JRocha Supporting Member

    Well I am trying to do this as a single drop off. Since there is like maybe 10 to 15 pieces of coral left and not big pieces except for the Mia's pot of gold i figured throw it in with the fish as an extra incentive. Oh ya there is also a pistol shrimp too. It's blue with purple. Unfortunately it just hides all the time. I also have 4 fighting conchs as well that go with the deal. A bunch of black footed trochus will be a part of the livestock. So really it's more than just fish that everyone would be getting. You get clean up crew, fish and coral. I think it's a reasonable price for everything. The Jason fox toro bravo favia is over 100 for the frag that is on a one inch disk that is healthy. And again it's just part of the deal. Cause once I put the equipment up I know people are going to jump fast as everything will be priced to sell and I only use expensive gear. Ecotech marine pump and power heads, ATI lights, Reef octopus skimmer, titanium 1/2 hp drop in chiller, custom 90 gallon 3wx3dx2h all 1/2" acrylic from truvu, trigger sump. Uv sterilizer(the one with the squeegee to clean the light tube) forget the brand, Milwaukee ph monitor. 2 Reef octopus rodc return pumps which in my opinion work better than the ecotech cause no matter how dirty they get they don't working unlike ecotech return pump which stopped working for me. Overpriced crap return pump. Just my experience. Anyway. Hopefully I can get the livestock out so we can part out the system.
  20. JRocha

    JRocha Supporting Member

    Please don't ask for the parts now until I get the livestock into their new homes or home. Thank you. That will be a separate post.

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