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    Didn't got a very good picture of the frag. I'll try to get a picture again later when the frag has aclimated longer in my tank. It does have a hint of pink but the orange is a lot more bolder on this frag. I hope the pink coloration would pop out more solidly.... we'll see in a few more days how the color would improve. I do believe it has potential -- just one of the reason why I bought a frag of this.

  2. [quote author=Dyngoe link=topic=3318.msg38323#msg38323 date=1205959754]
    Dude! YB, you don't want to pick a fight with Perry. He has some of the best looking corals in his tank. If he says it is orange, I believe him. You'd be better served offering him a new piece that is truly pink. We're all about "love" here, not criticizing each other's eyes.

    Just a suggestion for when you do join us at a meeting. ;)

    Well said Matt..i couldnt agree more..

    YB: age, as with any hobby, really should have nothing to do with the situation...There are many people on this board who have been doing this before they even got their drivers license..

    I myself, have recieved plenty of help and support from many of the fellow reefers on BAR, with a few of them being on this thread..Matt (Dyngoe) and Perry especially...Trust me, if i could compare help to a credit card, BAR would have me in DEBT and headed for collections..

    We are all here to live, learn, and thrive of each others knowledge as well as our mistakes..so please, keep in mind everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion..what one may see, the other may not..(i.e. i think sea hares look cool)

    The piece looks on the burnt orange side IMO..could be the picture..It might have helped a bit if you explained the coloration a bit more in the first post. Im currently battling a PO4 prob (0.1), so i let people know that some frags coming from me will not be as true to color as seen elsewhere...

    just a tip if you should decide to post anything else for sale..HTH
  3. nash

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    Look like it worth the price paid. ;)
  4. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    age doesn't matter??? i have been reefer since i was in 5 th grade, so you gotta lay some baggage off me sometimes. i couldn't even count money when i was in 5 grade but now i learned so much... Age does matter wherever you go or whatever you do.
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    Age shouldn't matter as far as chilling out and being cool when talking to people. Everybody play nice.

    How old are you Josh?

    Welcome to the BAR forums!
  6. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    me... 14 yrs old.
  7. LeviT

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    Regardless of all the confusion and grief, welcome to the club. My son is 12 and has been trying to get me to help him start a tank, guess I have no excuse now :)
  8. xinumaster

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    Youngest reefer I know. Infact, I be meeting him again today to pick up an ORA hawkins. ;)
  9. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    whats with the photo?
  10. xinumaster

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    Just to say no body is young in this hobby. Don't get mad I can pull it out if you feel like offended.
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    [quote author=YBReefer23 link=topic=3318.msg38458#msg38458 date=1206043420]
    whats with the photo?
    He is the youngest BAR member ;D :D .
  12. bareefers

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    "just to say nobody's young in this hobby?" WTF? i pay for all my equipment, coral,etc. and im 14. i don't get any help from my parents. they only pay the electric bills. i have lived out on how to be responsible on my own. I give all respect to my parents.
  13. Ibn

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    Chill out. Perry isn't trying to diss you or anything...
  14. iani

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    Do you work at 14? No allowance from your parents? If you work and don't get an allowance kudos to you. I bet pretty much everyone here got money from their parents at that age.

    But this thread really has nothing to do with that. One has nothing to do with the other. Excuses should never be made.
  15. bareefers

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    thank your all for your time. i will not be needing any help or comments from any of you. good luck with all yuor reef tanks and have a great day.
  16. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    in the future(JUne or july) i ll be having my frag tank setup and start selling corals. JUST give me a call at 408-431-1887 in you need any equipment, corals, fish, etc. yuo won't be seeing YBReefer for a long time in these forums. i will have my own website posted up soon so people can have the chance to pay good money for rare corals.
  17. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

  18. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    oh i forgot. Perry OR SHOULD I SAY XINUMASTERLOSER, try picking on someone your own size. DOn't try dissin me with those pics and things ,man
  19. Elite

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    BAN HIS ASS >:(
  20. sfsuphysics

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    Nah, he's leaving of his own accord, don't blame the kid, might seem like people are picking on him no reason to expect anything but a defensive attitude. However he should know that this is our club, and be respectful of such, the last comment was a little out of line.

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