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    FTS - Black Back Photoshoot - RIP :(

    The Heart of Beast

    Attention: Updated list on page 4 (CLICK HERE)

    I never thought I would think of doing this, this soon but my job wins over everything else except family and friends of course.
    I don't have the time to maintain the tank as I used to right now. I am not leaving the hobby for good but just temporarily until the time is more convenient. Probably when I settle down in life a bit more. So anyway, I would need to sell the livestock first before I can start selling the necessary equipment. I live in the Outter Sunset District of San Francisco and am available after 6PM. I can accept exact cash and paypal payments. I can even possibly hold things that you are definitely wanting to purchase for a nonrefundable small deposit via Paypal. If you have any questions feel free to post the question or send me a PM. If we meet in person to do the exchange and you wish to use Paypal as payment please send it as "Friend/Family/Gift" so I avoid the Seller charge. Otherwise cash is always fine too. But if you were to send me a deposit via Paypal send it as normal, I'll accept the charges for that. Thanks :)

    This tank has only been up about 2.5 months with 90% of the equipment bought new.
    Here is my dedicated tank Flickr page which has pictures of some of items for sale.

    I thought I would give you guys/gales first dibs out of all the other forums that I frequent, since this growing Community has been helpful to me as well as others.

    Availability: Only after 6PM Just About Everyday. :)

    Legal: I have the right to back out of any verbal and written (typed) agreements and or arrangements made in regards to anything which relates to this (mine) sale, here in this particular 'For Sale' Advertisement in which the original Owner/Creator (Me) has created.

    BYOB: Please Bring Your Own Bag, Container, Bucket in order to Transport What You Are Buying.

    Livestock needs to sell first:


    Sixline Wrasse 1.25" - $10
    20120806_213621 by jT415Gz, on Flickr


    Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155 (ATO)
    - $TBD like new no issues, can sell after livestock is sold
    -Includes just about everything it came with and box

    BRS 5 Stage Chloramines RO/DI System - 75GPD - 2.5 months old 120 gallons of .000TDS water produced. Extremely clean unit. $TBD

    -Membrane Flush Kit
    -Auto Shutoff Valve
    -Inline Check Valve
    -Air filled Pressure Gauge
    -Auto Stop Float Valve
    -Solid unit
    20120603_124500 by jT415Gz, on Flickr[​IMG]
    20120603_124528 by jT415Gz, on Flickr

    Test Kits & Essentials:
    API Reef Master Test Kit less than 10 tests of usage. EXP 12/2014 - $18
    API Saltwater Master Test Kit less than 10 tests of usage. EXP 03/2017 - $18
    20120910_201911 by jT415Gz, on Flickr

    Julian Sprung's Botanical Formula Revive Coral Cleaner 500ml 90% full.
    Seachem Prime 30% More Promotion Bottle 325ml 80% full.
    Both for $15

    New Life Spectrum Thera + A Regular Formula w/Garlic 1mm Sinking Pellets 300g 85% full. - $10
    Ocean Nutrition Formula Two Flakes 34g 95% full - $5
    Coral Frenzy The Ultimate Coral Food 56g 99% full - $15

    San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc. Freeze Dried - $15 for all
    -Brine Shrimp 20g 99% full
    -Krill 14g 99% full
    -Mysis Shrimp 25g 90% full
    20120910_221705 by jT415Gz, on Flickr

    Rocks and Substrate etc:

    Rocks and Substrate etc:
    All Dry rock available for $30
    BRS Dry Pukani Rock 20 lbs (Some are still in use in the tank and fuge)
    Rocks shown in the picture below have all been sliced in half and remains in the FTS picture at the very top of this post. There are a couple more sliced pieces in the fuge.

    List of new owners

    Zoa Cologne and 10 lbs of TE sand SOLD - Thanks gimmito
    All Ricordia's and Red/Pink Zoa Frag SOLD - Thanks euod
    All Mangroves are SOLD - Thanks lattehiatus
    Midas Blenny & Small Barnicle SOLD - Thanks anathema
    Tailspot Blenny SOLD - Thanks icon
    Apex AquaController is SOLD - Thanks aqua-nut
    LED Lighting Fixture is SOLD - Thanks ChrisChow
    MP10w ES is SOLD - Thanks denzil
    BRS Dual Reactor is SOLD - Thanks CL Guy
    CADLights 8 AIO is SOLD - Thanks Glee
    Fungia, Toadstool, Clove Cologne is SOLD - Thanks CL Guy
    x2 Pom Pom Crabs, Porcelain Anemone Crab, Blue Coral Banded Shrimp, Super Tonga Snail are SOLD - Thanks CL Guy
    X2 SA Fancy Snowflakes, Yasha/Pistol pair, Harlequin Shrimp are SOLD - Thanks euod

    It was good meeting all of you! :) Keep BAR alive Keep BAR alive Keep BAR alive
  2. aqua-nut

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    I'm interested in the Apex. I'll pm you!
  3. jT415Gz

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    John YGPM! :)
  4. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    Sent you a PM regarding the MP10w. :)
  5. kmaintl

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    Sorry to hear about the break, Jeff. You may find yourself back earlier than you think. GLWS
  6. jT415Gz

    jT415Gz Guest

    Denzil YGPM :)

    @kmaintl - Thanks! yeah, I will be back for sure, I just don't know when! :p The faster pace of where my life is currently taking me can't seem to line-up of this patient hobby at the moment. I love this hobby and am very passionate about it, but I have to step into reality. I'll definitely still be lurking around to check on B.A.R. though!!
  7. jT415Gz

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    Pm's are sent :)
  8. gimmito

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    I'm interested in the Yasha goby/shrimp, ricordeas, & TE reef flake sand.. Lmk when it's a good time to check them out.
  9. Nice to meet you, Jeff, and thanks for the mangroves! Best of luck with your career and give us a holler when you're ready to get back into it. Like the mob, few people get out for good. ;)

    Which one of you guys was over at roughly 8:30pm? As I was pulling away it occurred to me that it was likely another BAR member.
  10. euod

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    Probably some guy trying to put a yasha goby in his 450 gal tank;)
  11. gimmito

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    Ha..Ha...that was me David. ;)

    Teo you beat me to those ricordeas !
  12. jT415Gz

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    David - haha thanks again and I will eventually be back, even if it's my last years on mother earth!! Oh, that would be gimmito, with the 450 gal. transparent jacuzzi :)
  13. anathema

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    Sending a PM!
  14. jT415Gz

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    PM's replied to!
    Good Night... gonna go have nightmares of an empty tank :(
  15. Aww, I missed the chance to see you twice in a single weekend! :bigsmile:
  16. aqua-nut

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    jT, you've got mail! :)

    Sweet looking tank.
  17. glee

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    jim, what do you need with 10 lbs of sand? i guess i was just a bit late on that one. lol
  18. gimmito

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    G...the 10 lbs of sand topped off the left front corner of the 450. :p
  19. jT415Gz

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    PM's replied to!

    Didn't think the TE Sand would be a top seller :p
    I had issues connecting to B.A.R earlier... it kept sending me to some DLink page... anyone encounter this too???
    Hey, do you guys experience a lot of delay when clicking "buttons, links" on the boards? Is it just the way the server is? Kinda slow? :/
  20. aqua-nut

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    Yes Jeff, the BAR site subscribes to the reefers saying 'Nothing good happens fast'. :)

    Or we are trying to be like Reef Central??

    And you've got more mail! See you tomorrow.

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