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Discussion in 'Reef Chemistry' started by swayd, Dec 27, 2014.

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    So, the story goes like this.
    Lately I've been having problems maintaining my alk. So I've come to realize it's probably from me being lazy and only doing water changes once a month. This has probably depleted my mag levels thus making cal and alk unstable. I have tried to does kalk but that didn't work. Now I'm back on schedule and will be doing water changes every week at 25%. I will be doing three more water changes at 25% this week to bring back my params then will begin the routine 25% a week if all is stable.
    With that said here's the good stuff. I was dosing acropower at the recommended doses. After about almost three months I have not seen any difference in growth or color. I used it on my previous system again with no luck and that was when my system was running very stable. I have also never seen as much algae in my systems until I started dosing acropower. I used to be able to get away with cleaning my glass about once a week and now I need to clean it daily. Again, even on my previous system it was the same when I started dosing acropower. I know some people have had really great experiences but my systems did not like it at all.
    Now, I have done some reading and have come up on aquavitro fuel. I read the label and their site and was very impressed. I've heard people saying it had negative effects on LPS but for the most part no one has had any real issues with it. I started dosing this today and will see how it starts to work. Reviews had said people noticed polyp extension increasing within 24 hours but I want to track long term progress so I will be sticking with it for at least 2 months before I come to a conclusion. I will stop dosing if I see adverse negative effects that don't have to do with poor husbandry on my part. It did throw me off when I opened it because it smells like buttered popcorn and was a thick gooey yellow liquid. Today I added 10ml which is about 6 ml less than recommended dosage. I will slowly bring that up as I see fit over time.

    Thanks for looking! If you have any advice I am all ears!!! Happy reefing.

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  2. tr1gger

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    I have seen the most amazing tanks grow out some awesome SPS without anything more than carefully watching alkalinity and calcium. Don't buy into the hype of additives.
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  3. swayd

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    Well I have the additive so I mine as well give it a shot. I do admit I have had way better looking tanks when all I did was do frequent water changes. Back when I had a nano, I used to do two 15% water changes a week and I had amazing colors just slow growth. Right now I have moderate growth and poor coloration. Maybe if the fuel doesn't do much after a try I am just going back to basics. Thanks.

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  4. Nav

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    I used fuel for about a month or so. I can say my zoas did really well with it. If you are in front of your tank everyday, try splitting the dose over the week (I used to dose 1ml/day)

    Can you share the link where negative effects on LPS was mentioned?
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  5. swayd

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  6. tankguy

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    Kinda agree with Trigger , so many additives all claiming to great when most really dont do much. Ive used fuel alot and never really saw any of my corals explode with growth. I just try to keep things stable and usually thats good enough
  7. swayd

    swayd Guest

    So I have been keeping up with dosing this Fuel stuff and things look great! Zoas are insanely happy(sprouting babies faster), acros are doing very well and have great polyp extension(bunch of growth on all tips of all my SPS), and LPS are actually finally starting to show some sort of growth(chalice and favias growing over plugs now).

    Aside from the Fuel, I finally got around to testing my Mag and it tested at 1500 and my cal was at 400 and alk was at 7. I realized that my alk swings are just now directly related to the coraline and coral growth in my tank so I will have to be very adamant about dosing!
    With that said, I am loving this Fuel and will continue to give it a chance. I will also be making sure to stay on top of my dosing and water changes.
  8. brleong

    brleong Supporting Member

    how much is that stuff? where did you get it from? I've been trying the red sea reef nutrition stuff and it doesnt seem to be doing anything but making my algae scrubber grow
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  9. swayd

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    brleong Its about $10-$15 depending on where you get it. I got mine at aquatic collection. This stuff seems to work but like everything eles it all depends on your system.
  10. BAYMAC

    BAYMAC Guest

    Red Sea Coral Nutrition
  11. swayd

    swayd Guest

    What experience do you have with this?
  12. Nano sapiens

    Nano sapiens Guest

    My 2 cents: Some tanks can benefit from amino acid upplementation, some won't. All depends on the level of available nutrients in the tank. For example, a tank with a high density/water volume of well-fed fish will likely not see any noticeable benefits, while a tank with few fish (or none)/water volume will likely show positive results.
    My nano falls into the first camp and also being 'naturally filtered' and after using Acropower and Brightwell I can say that they grow nice algae, but there has been no noticeable effect on my mixed coral community's growth or color. If my tank were LNS/ULNS), then I'd be using an amino supplement.

    IMO, best to assess the reef tank system on this basis in order to make an educated deciion before spending money on expensive amino additives.
  13. swayd

    swayd Guest

    I agree with the above and since I am using an over sized skimmer, media reactor and chemi-pure(not in the reactor) with only 5 fish I believe I have more to benefit from this product. I have actually seen great improvement in my coral and tons of growth. All of my zoas have began to sprout babies, all acros have shown growth in the tips especially my ponape, LPS are growing well except for my duncans. I think the duncans are being irritated by my clowns trying to host them and have not fully expanded in the past couple of days.
  14. BAYMAC

    BAYMAC Guest

    None I'm afraid. I just know the name since I monitor our marks (trademarks).
  15. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    He's simply correcting you to the name of the product, not saying one product only works for corals vs. reefs. Since "Reef Nutrition" is a trademark of another company, Red Sea's product is called "Coral Nutrition". He was just correcting so there's no confusion over products, it would be like me saying "Ecotech Stream pump"
  16. swayd

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    Ohhh I see lol. I thought he was mentioning a different product, my bad!
  17. BAYMAC

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    Nailed it!

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