Gablami's Reefer 525 Build

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by Gablami, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Gablami

    Gablami Supporting Member

    Thanks guys!

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  2. Gablami

    Gablami Supporting Member

    After six months or so, decided to ditch the algae turf scrubber and go back to a refugium. My last fuge I was using the dinky 5g ATO that came with the Reefer.

    Decided I needed to go bigger. Tried to figure out how to divide the sump. The problem is my BK mini 180 is too big to split the skimmer compartment in half horizontally or vertically. So I decided to divide it in half diagonally.

    Bought a custom cut piece of black acrylic from TAP plastics. Then I contemplated how to cut parallel slits in it to allow for flow. It can be done with a router saw and templates, but I eventually decided to go the simple route. Three large 1.5” bulkheads with filter covers.


    Then fit it into the sump.


    Then installed a 45W thin grow light to attach to the cabinet door.


    And then installed an h150 (36W) to hang from the top.


    Clean chaeto arrived yesterday from algae barn, and I’m good to go.

    Will be selling the 302 aquatics ATS soon if anyone would like to give it a shot. The benefit to an ATS as opposed to a standard fuge is it takes up less space.

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  3. scuzy

    scuzy Supporting Member

    That's a nice rig

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  4. capescuba

    capescuba Supporting Member

    Diagonally might be the answer to a sump divider issue I have also. Thanks for the idea!
    And we are not talking about Harry Potter right?
  5. Gablami

    Gablami Supporting Member

    Lol, I get it!

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  6. capescuba

    capescuba Supporting Member

    I thought it might have been a little out there :)
  7. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

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  8. Chromis

    Chromis Supporting Member

    If the divider holes started clogging, would the water level in the skimmer half change? I’m planning to just have the chaeto surround my skimmer like it does now, I sort of thought for a long time that water should go through a skimmer section first and separately, but chaeto seems to benefit from the aeration and water movement the skimmer provides.
  9. Gablami

    Gablami Supporting Member

    If the holes clog, it will overflow over the top into the skimmer side. It won’t overflow the skimmer side since it’s coast to coast overflow down into the return compartment. So skimmer depth is constant. I’ve got spare filter caps for those bulkheads so I can clean them out whenever I want.

    I have my fuge first, then skimmer, and I’m now sockless!

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