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    Hi all, I've had my 29G (30"X12"X18"H) tank up and running for a little over 4 years and thought it was about time to start a tank journal. It's been through it's ups and downs (and its share of neglect while I've been trying to keep up with 2 newborns now toddlers).

    The most recent project was to drill the tank and install a glass-holes nano overflow, along with plumbing to a 10G sump. Thanks to all who helped with suggestions on drilling a full tank. I ended draining the tank by 1/3 and using C-Clamps to hold a piece of wood on the inside, drilling from the back. No shavings fell into the tank with this method. I had a little scare when the hole-saw jammed and then froze in the hole. I had to tap it with a hammer to loosen it up and was worried the acrylic was going to crack.

    Here's some pics from the sump:

    Front view. Two compartments, one to hold an my upgraded skimmer (from a Remora HOB to a Reef Octopus 4 in-sump needle wheel skimmer). I cut acrylic baffles and used silicone to hold them in place.
    DSC_2822 by George Chang

    Top view of the skimmer in the sump. It's a little tight with the skimmer, but I was trying to leave as much space as possible for the return compartment:
    DSC_2825 by George Chang

    I think the skimmer has metric fittings and I couldn't find a coupling that would fit the gate-valve. So, I used a little acrylic to glue an elbow on in order to direct flow down.

    DSC_2826 by George Chang

    I did the drilling this past weekend and the sump is up and running now. When I get a chance to take some pics in the daylight, I'll post them up with some more information.

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