Getting a Vortech today!!!! Got a couple of ????

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by under_water_ninja, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. So I have a peninsula tank. The return is at the opposite end of the overflow! should I put the vortech on the overflow side or on the opposite side????

    Here is tank!

    [img width=1000 height=750][/img]
  2. zambavi

    zambavi Guest

    I would put it on the opposite side to help push ditritus to the overflow.
  3. zambavi

    zambavi Guest

    your getting the MP40w right? battery backup? You'll have to post some pics of some nice waves. Where did you get the Vortech from?
  4. yes mp40, no back up though. From some guy in Milpitas
  5. tuberider

    tuberider Guest

    You could get by with it on the overflow side if you place it low, without a dry box it wont work though, it'll get wet.
  6. Elite

    Elite Guest

    Is there any room on the side of the overflow box? If no, it's going to to hard to put it on that end..
  7. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    I have mine on the overflow side, but my overflow is external and not terribly deep... however like others have said there's no way to put them on the overflow side.

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