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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by revnull, Mar 5, 2017.

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    Woke up bright an early this morning to get a start on my scape. I figured I'd just stick with the epoxy putty for now. If it doesn't hold, I'll order some emarco and try again. The plan is to create 3 structures that will lean/stack lock into each other. This should keep stuff manageable if I need to shift things around later. This also means I need to rethink my "hollow mountain" stack that was pictured previously.

    I started with the back left combining 2 similarly sized rocks that fit well next to each other. To add stability to the structure, I added rubble to select corners to eliminate tilting. I saw a youtube video where someone poked small divots into the epoxy to give it a more natural look and blend into the rocks.


    I then added a "L" shaped piece on top that gives this structure more even height along the top while creating a slight overhang toward the front. This piece required a little more effort to get everything stable. In addition to the epoxy, I super glued small bits of rubble along the back edge to keep things fixed while the epoxy cures.


    So far I've used ~3/4 of 1 epoxy roll and 1 tube of super glue and everything is holding together nicely. I'll continue to post pictures as things evolve.

    Software idea for any engineers out there. I'd like to 3d scan my rocks (lazy Susan and an old xbox kinect should do) and plan my aquascape on my computer. Using virtual cuts, chisels, rods, and other common tools and techniques. Bonus points for automatically recognizing mating surfaces and suggesting structures. :D Ok, I'll shut up now.
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    How about a flattop arch? It's tilted on the diagonal so it will fit, but I think it adds some dimension. The back of the top shelf piece locks in nicely to the epoxied tower I made. The front rests in a "V" shaped groove I chiseled out of the front tower. The front tower only has a few bits of rubble super glued to reduce rocking.

    Front view:


    Top down:


    Front left:


    Front right:


    Rear right:


    I like the openness, but I feel like I need to provide more places for things to hide. I think I'm going to drill out the back of Homer's Chia head (soon to be adorned with GSP). That would make a nice hiding place. Still open to ideas and critique.
  3. Coral reefer

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    Looks cool, but yes may need more hiding places depending on fish you will be keeping.
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    Started up my "chaeto reactor". It's running on my biocube since there are actual nutrients to absorb.

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  5. revnull

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    Tossed it in the tank to see how everything fit/looked with sand, water, and light. Used the default Windows 10 photo editor to mock up a 3rds grid. I think things line up nicely.


    At this angle, you can slightly see the island rock in the right rear of the tank.

  6. kinetic

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    looks really nice! epoxy will hold that well. If you drop it or hit it against something it could crack, but I think you'll be fine!

    The aquascape looks good. Just let SPS grow out and define the final scape after a few years of growth ;)
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    I made the exact same mistake on my lights. Thought they would be standard 2.1mm - nope.
    Did you ever find a good 5.5 x 2.5 mm - high current, say 16 AWG replacement?

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