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    I know that datamining and tracking is still underway in a more formal system, but I was bored and decided to datamine my own record lol. I'm starting with the easy part (what I have given) since I can sort by thread starters. Next (maybe tonight?) I'll go through what I have received (which will show my horrible record at killing birds nests :().

    Joined the club in Dec 07 and started DBTC march 08

    1st gen Corals Given
    DBTC Some red chalice GroundHog, CheckRAZR
    DBTC Another Tyree Neon Toadstool musclebenz, Earthboy17, OakRaid ,Phong, Eric
    DBTC Zoas (No idea on the"fancy" common name) alve, Levi
    DBTC Boring Indo Acan (Newbie edition :p) patchin
    DBTC Green Envy zoa pixelPixe, Badbread
    DBTC Lemon-Lime Slurpee zoa Lyn
    DBTC Some SPS (newbie edition) euod, Ulgy, beaupierce
    DBTC Gorilla Nipple Zoas Saltwatersig, Patchin
    DBTC Montipora Danae zambavi, saltwatersig
    DBTC-X Grapes of Wrath Hooked, tonggao
    DTBC-X Shamrock Aussie Acan Tuberider, xinumaster
    DBTC-X Purple-Green-White Aussie Acan Paradox
    DBTC-X Green-purple-white Micro Saltwatersig, sfsuphysics
    DBTC-X Redish pink Aussi acan with a touch of yellow Zambavi, Iani

    2nd+ gen Corals Given
    2nd+ gen given
    DBTC Raddogz's Radtacular Rics Lyn ,
    DBTC Tylers spiderman echino Badbread, seminolecpa
    DBTC Purple Death paly Dyngoe, badbread
    DBTC orange acan Badbread, Aldie
    DBTC Forest green with bright green eyes Favities Timten, Badbread
    DBTC Zepp's blue palys Rekonn, dswong01
    DBTC Ugly Red Prostrata Pixelpixie, saltwatersig

    DBTC Debt :
    DBTC Green mili with copper highlights
    DBTC Armor of god zoa
    DBTC Sergio's green eye echinata
    DBTC Tub's blue zoas
    DBTC Rich's Acro tenuis
    DBTC-S Aquatic Collection - Red w/ Green Eyes Favites I need to frag this one.
    DBTC powder blue and red Favia
    DBTC aussie Blue polyp monti
    DBTC Idaho grape
    DBTC Green birdsnest I tried giving this out and no one wanted it. Honestly don't remember if I ended up finding someone through PMs, but I know I put some of it in a swap.
    DBTC Acro. aequitaberculata
    DBTC green chalice Almost killed it :( but it is almost back now :)
    DBTC Echinophyllia echinata Got in a big fight and lost…sorta. I'm recovering the scraps!
    DBTC Green Turaki My first non brown SPS…and I killed it due to lack of flow :(
    DBTC-X Tyree LE Favia Matthai
    DBTC-X Acan't Believe its not butter ACAN
    DBTC-X Semi-Extreme - ATL Raspberry Lemonade Nasuta
    DBTC-X gold dust favia
    DBTC-X Tyree "Tubs' alien eye chalice" started with 2 eyes and now I have 4 ..but the body hasn't grown very much :/
    dbtc-x meteor shower cyphastrea Died..then came back from the dead…but might have just been a brief visit. I returned it back to the neglected corner and will check in a couple months lol.

    There are two other birds nests that I got. One Ponape and another I can't remember. I do know that I killed them both. They just withered away for some reason I still can't figure out. I've given up on non-green birds nests.

    I need to work harder at growing what I have better so that I can clear out some debt. Lacking stable parameters in a 40g (~35g total volume) tank are probably a big issue. I got a pair of drew's aquadosers to help stabilize things.
  2. cwolfus

    cwolfus Past President

    Good work, Tony. That's a lot of 1st gen. Did you think it was that much?
  3. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    [quote author=cwolfus link=topic=6861.msg88710#msg88710 date=1237142969]
    Good work, Tony. That's a lot of 1st gen. Did you think it was that much?

    Not really. I knew I had a added a fair bit, but not that many 1st gens. I'm more curious to how I've done with my 2nd gen+ distributions compared to what I received. So far, there is a bit of pride in knowing what I have pulled off in just 1 year of participating on the program, but it also teaches me what I have and haven't been good at and what I should improve on (as I fill in what I have been able to distribute..such as sucking hardcore at bird's nest lol).

    It is also good perspective for new people who think "I'm new and have nothing to offer". I joined the club with a few brown corals and had NOTHING to offer for a few months. I took in a lot (which you'll soon see) and really got into the groove of getting nice stuff to spread around. I feels damn good to be able to spread nice corals to people.
  4. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Yeah unfortunately that micro you gave me fell victim to the "I forgot it was ontop of the tank" syndrome. You'd think corals being out of the water for 12 hours wouldn't be an issue :p
  5. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    The Tyree toadstool that you got me...that thing refuses to grow. It's latched onto the rock that the sunburst favia is attached to and just sits there. I'm pretty sure that it hasn't grown a bit at all.
  6. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    no worries mike. it happens.

    Eric, it grows pretty fast for me and seemingly so for phong. I can't grow the easy birds nest worth a damn. Maybe toadstools hate you in the same fashion lol.
  7. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    Hmm, interesting. I can't grow birds nest either.
  8. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    wow..that's a lot of threads. I probably missed a couple here or there, so if you notice something missing, please shoot me a PM.

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