gramma brasiliensis

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, Trade' started by bareefers, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    Greetings, My friend turned me onto this site and speaks highly of you.

    I have had a 18 month search in the SF Bay Area for a "Brazilian Gramma" and can not locate. Now lots of dealers will try to sell me a "Royal Gramma" and pass it off as a "Brazilian" but I know the difference. Do any of you know of where i can locate this fish? It is a special find, as it is my girlfriends favorite fish and I like it too.

    Any help contact me at

    Thanks and have a great day,
    Dennis 8)
  2. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    PS. I am in Pleasant Hill, CA.

    dennis 8)
  3. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    I have seen them online. In fact just yesterday I browsed this one:
    Looks like a very nice company, net caught fish.
  4. capescuba

    capescuba Supporting Member

    Sweet fish!
  5. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    Because they say so on their site, or you know them personally?
  6. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    Gresham, I don't know them personally, although I know of people who have gotten fish from them. Do you have reason to believe they are less than scrupulous?
  7. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    Libal sucks, so I won't say anything, but, why would a company that claims to be all net caught, denote some fish as net caught and others not?
  8. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    Interesting. I didn't read the description of every fish, but that is not good to hear. Can you recommend a place that, in your opinion of course, would be the environmentally better option? Thanks!
  9. Raddogz

    Raddogz Guest

    Fwiw - I have recently purchased my Mueller's Copperband from The Marine Center. I know this or at least believe that this fish is net-caught vs. cyanide caught as I understand that this particular fish can only be found in Australian waters where cyanide catching is a big NO.

    This is/was a very healthy fish. Copperbands are notorious to get to eat in general and finding a nice fat healthy one seems to be very far and few in between.

    I don't know if all the fish being sold in/at The Marine Center are net caught nor do I believe it is advertised as so. I try to pick fish that are net caught, but if I stick with my goal in keeping Fairy Wrasses for this tank upgrade this indeed will be a challenge.
  10. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    I'd suspect most TMC's fish are sourced from clean places.
  11. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    Just received the Brazillian Gramma from Marinecenter. Thanks for the referal darcitananda.

    My girlfriend is very happy and I like the fish too.


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