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  1. RandyC

    RandyC Supporting Member



    • This is an unofficial grow-out contest not sponsored by BAR.
    • Must be a supporting member to participate.
    • Entry fee: $5 (I will provide payment details to you once your entry is confirmed)
    • Number of frags available: I have 18 single polyp frags that I made last night. They all looked viable this early morning, but I'll check when I get back home. We will be limited to the number of successful frags.
    • Duration: April -> Dec.
    • Tracking: Monthly pictures required. Monthly tracking similar to previous grow-out contests.
    • Entry fee must be paid before frag is received.
    • All entry fee money will be used for prizes (i.e., I will not keep any of it - unless I win :))
    • If there are fewer than 10 people, winner take all. If there are more than 10, we can see if a second place prize makes sense.
    • You must post 1 picture of your frag by the last day of each month (example July 31) or you will be disqualified.
      • You have 1 cheat month where you can miss a picture submission.
    • The frag with most NEW GROWTH POLYPS win
      • Even if you start out with 3 polyps, if you still have 3 polyps at the end and everyone has 2 polyps, you lose because your zoas did not gain any new polyps.
    • Contest will end DECEMBER 31, 2017
    Obtaining Frag
    • I live in Castro Valley and work in Milpitas
    • Weekday pickups are best in CV at nights after 9pm. Tonight is an exception, I should be available after 5 at home. I will be home some of this weekend.
    • Weekday pickup in Milpitas will work at my office during business hours. Or I can meet at Neptune's at lunch. I can also meetup on my drive to work in the morning if it's along 680 and close to a freeway exit (between 580 and Landess exits).
    To Enter
    • State your intent to enter by replying to this thread
    • If you don't mind picking up and holding frags for others, please include location in reply
    • PM me details of preferred pickup time/location
    • First come first served.
    Tracking: https://goo.gl/tGIMkk

    1. RandyC
    2. dswong01
    3. gabloo
    4. coral4me & Ashalye
    5. Kim P.
    6. roostertech
    7. Bmart
    8. Flagg37
    9. Baykes
    10. Prisonfood53
    11. Geneva
    12. Yippee
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  2. dswong01

    dswong01 Supporting Member

    I want to participate. I'm in castro valley also
  3. gabloo

    gabloo Guest

    Count me in please! Can I please meet up at Neptune at Lunch during weekdays?

    I could hold frags for those that live in San Jose. I live near SJSU and available after 7 pm during weekdays.
  4. Calde0920

    Calde0920 Guest

    If anyone in the north bay wants a frag I can cut you one. I'm not a supporting member yet but you guys can have a frag probably have around 10-15
  5. coral4me

    coral4me Guest

    I'd like to signup. I live in Milpitas and work in Mountain View.
  6. Kim Pattison

    Kim Pattison Sponsor

    Im In. I have my own I will frag.
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  7. I'm in!
    I'll swing by this weekend if that works.
  8. Bmart

    Bmart Supporting Member

    I'm in can pick up on my way home from cv
  9. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Supporting Member

    I want in too. I'm in San Jose.
  10. Baykes

    Baykes Supporting Member

    I want in, thanks for setting this up!

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  11. tankguy

    tankguy Supporting Member

    Not everything has to be club sponsored. Nice to see this thread set up. God luck to all
  12. RandyC

    RandyC Supporting Member

    I'll be meeting up with @gabloo at 12:30pm this Wednesday at Neptune's to provide him his frag. If anyone else wants to enter and meet up at this time to pick up a frag, let me know.
  13. RandyC

    RandyC Supporting Member

    Any other takers for this contest? It's not too late to get in! I still have frags left.
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  14. Edgar Sandoval

    Edgar Sandoval Supporting Member

    I'm in. You have an extra frag?

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  15. RandyC

    RandyC Supporting Member

    Yup. Got plenty. Let me know when you'd like to pick it up.
  16. Geneva

    Geneva Guest

  17. Yippee

    Yippee Supporting Member

    I can meet you at Neptune tomorrow at 12:30 so please bring an extra frag.
  18. RandyC

    RandyC Supporting Member

    You got it. See you there tomorrow.
  19. RandyC

    RandyC Supporting Member

    It's on! Good luck to you all! I moved a single polyp to a new rock last night and here's a picture so you all know my starting point. If anyone would still like to join, I still have a number of frags available. If you'd like to pick one up tonight or tomorrow morning or afternoon, I'll be home. I am assuming that everyone is starting with a single polyp, if you're not, let me know.

  20. Baykes

    Baykes Supporting Member

    Here is my picture for the month. One polyp but I see some potential buds![​IMG][​IMG]

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