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    For those of you who have been in the hobby, this may seem like trivial info, but for the newer folk (<--) it is still new info.

    Suppose you had a healthy tank. Suppose you had high light. Suppose you had balanced get the picture :) Oh, and suppose you feed your coral every other day.

    How long does it take to double your coral size/polyp count etc for typical corals? (acan, leather, zoa, micro, SPS, chalice etc)

    I know there are some exceptions and all, but there are likely some decent ideas on growth rates.
    Suppose I got a single uberextremerare acan polyp. When would I expect to have 2 complete polyps? (just an example).

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    Depends upon the species, color, a lot of factors come into play. You mentioned had high light, well not everything does very well under high light and that could actually be detrimental to coral growth. The colors themselves are a combo of zoanthellex (sp) algae, so that could determine how well they produce energy for the coral. A lot of uberextremerare stuff grows slow naturally, which is why its uberextremerare, where as more drab colors of that same exact species of coral might grow many times more faster.

    I know that wasn't the answer you were looking for, but if you get a polyp or two in a month you're having decent/good growth rates. But like I said, certain colors... that kind of growth might be unheard of.

    I know probably not the answer you're looking for.
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    Most stuff doubles in size for me within a 3-4 month period, most of which don't get fed.

    Single polyp of acan should be able to grow quicker than that since you can feed them pretty heavily. They also tend to bud multiples at their bases instead of one so instead of doubling, you're looking at tripling or more within a one to two month period.
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    Growthrates seem to be so subjective even if the frags are from the same mother colony.

    An example of this is Charle's Blue Halo zoas - He gave out three sets of three polyps of these zoas in the DBTC. I've been the only one so far that has been able to frag from my colony four times and pass it on. These particular zoas grow well for me - the metallic wine reds however did not (switched them from one tank to another) - they have since been given to someone else to hopefully get better growth (same three polyps for close to year).

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