Guys/Gals....Let's Jump Start the DBTC!!!

Discussion in 'DBTC - Info and Discussion' started by MolaMola, Mar 27, 2016.

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    Hi - I think some people at the swap were talking about entering some new corals into DBTC, including one I received. I did some reading here. I also have some new coral colonies I would like to frag for DBTC when they are ready. The DBTC concept is one of the objectives of my classroom tank (we call it the Backup Reef) and an environmental science angle that I think helped me get start-up grants. In our tank, we have started keeping track of it on our website but are still planning what we want to do.
    If people want to comment on DBTC or start new threads it may help get it going stronger. Seems like it might be a bit stalled at the moment. When my new colonies have colored up I will see if anyone is interested.
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    I changed your thread title to grab more attention. Hope ya don't mind.

    For anyone that doesn't know what DBTC is, it's essentially free corals but with a catch. You get a free coral but you gotta grow it out and help the owner back up the coral. Example if the original owner's coral dies, you gotta have a frag available to give back.

    The main goal is to backup corals through aquaculture (which alleviates pressure on wild coral harvesting).

    How to JumpStart DBTC
    • Convince People Why they should Start their Own DBTC or Join DBTC.
    • Space out the DBTC's!
      • Don't just have everyone start all their DBTC in one month and then nothing after that.
    One more thing. We are probably going to have a New Hobbyist Workshop either in April or May. I think it would be awesome for New Members to see our DBTC is action. Be smart though. Don't give away your Colorado Sunburst to some newbie to kill. But we could DBTC a bunch of nice looking but easy corals.
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    Yes, this is an awesome part if the club that has fallen by the wayside a little. I've considered using club fuss before to Jump start it with some new corals...

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