Handy Way to Frag Inmature Frogspawn Branches

Discussion in 'Propagation' started by racrumrine, Nov 9, 2005.

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    A few weeks ago (the weekend before the MARS swap), I was using a dremel to cut off a nice size two-headed frag off of my green with purple tip frogspawn.

    While I was studying where to cut, I had an idea of a way I could try to frag the inmature branches that grow underneath and usually die off. I cut 4 of them off and stuck them into flower bud holders. Each frag was about 1/2 to 2/3 of an inch long and the skeletons were so delicate I heard a couple of them sort of crunch when I inserted them.

    Within a few hours, they all started to extend branches a tiny bit. Within a few days I started to have a good feeling that all of them where going to make it.

    This picture was taken of the runt of the litter a couple of days ago (the outside glass should have been wiped; but, you get the idea). His head is now close to 2" in diameter. Even though I probably crushed his skeleton the most, he's doing fine. The 3 other frags are doing even better. Their tips are not yet as purple as the Mother Colony. Based on the growth I have seen so far, I think they will all be a decent size to share by the time of the next BAR swap.

    I'm excited about this technique because most of these inmature frogspawn branches never see the light of day. By cultivating them, I'm giving them a chance to fully grow and I don't have to worry about unnecessarily cutting up the Mother Colony.

    The snails you see in front are the Dove Shells I originally got from Fingerwrinkles. They are on the glass a couple of inches away. They look like nassarius; but, tend to stay on the glass and rocks. They eat algae and have been breeding in my tank.

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