Has anyone heard of these new (?) local fish stores?

Discussion in 'Resources' started by neuro, Jun 15, 2013.

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    I stopped by both of these places yesterday. Reef for Less had good prices (a clam, about 6" for $80!) but I didn't pick anything up. It's pretty small for a retail store (I know it's been mentioned but I still expected a bit more). They had 4 tanks with corals (one was a small frag) and one FOWLR. Overall the place looked to be kept really well, everything looked healthy and if I'm in the area I'll stop by again.

    Keith has really nice setup. He's very friendly and his prices are very good. Like he's mentioned it's run out of his house so I texted him before hand and his availability worked out perfect for us. He has a very nice setup and all the corals are thriving you could tell. Super jealous of his setup overall. We picked up some Zoa's, Acan's, and an acro. I'll definitely be coming back to his place to pick up more when I get more room in my tank!

    BTW Keith, the coral I couldn't remember that Jana wanted was a sun coral. I just had such a hard time with those in the past I don't want them. If she said it was orange not pink I would have probably recalled correctly.
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  2. Thanks for the kind words & review. It was a pleasure meeting you both! I look forward to hearing about the Birdsnest growing!
    As far as the sun coral goes I just sold my last colony recently but I would say give it another try. A nice shady spot & some feedings and it can be a great addition. Just a little caution when handling it is all.

  3. Keith, thank you for your interest in BAR. We would certainly like to see you at our upcoming events!

    BAR's policy is to limit commercial (particularly livestock) postings to sponsors that are aligned with BAR's mission statement: to promote, foster, and encourage education and appreciation for the ethical husbandry and propagation of marine life. Similar to how BAR's general meetings are open to the public, we believe that our LFS partners with commercial storefronts are more accessible by the public and are an asset in pursuing the education mandate.

    While I can appreciate the challenges (and in some respects, the financial security) in operating a business out of a residence, BAR currently does not accept sponsorship from livestock retailers who do not operate a commercial storefront. Please bear in mind, however, that BAR is proudly partnered with multiple LFS sponsors that originally started out operating out of a residence, and we look forward to working together with you in continuing to raise the bar in ethical husbandry and propagation of marine life and make Keith's Coral Reefs an official BAR sponsor in the future.

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