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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by checo415, Sep 20, 2008.

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    Hello BAR members,

    My name is Sergio i am 23 years old i live in San Francisco. I just got introduced to this hobby by my brother in law "Reef89" as people know him. My set up consist of a 50 gallon tank with stand, pc lights and moon lights, skimmer and one power head. I'm planning on setting up a sump(20 gallons). I got live sand, live rock and looking foward in getting more. Take a look at my tank pics, and give me suggetions, comments..... ;D (also my tank is 3 weeks old)
    My stand that i am going to modify to fit the sump for when i get it.
    WEEK 3
    Powerhead and Skimmer(in the back)
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    Hi Sergio, nice to have you. Hope you don't mind some input (if you already know this, then ignore me :)). 1 pound of live rock per gallon of water is a good starting ratio and it looks like you could use a lot more. That will help your tank out a lot. Also, the airline hose on the powerhead is only needed for fresh water tanks as far as I know. Good luck and look forward to see your tank progress.

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