Hello every one! How can I help in meetings, club stuff?

Discussion in 'General Club Business' started by maynor, May 24, 2006.

  1. maynor

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    I hope every one is doing well!

    I am sorry for being just under 200 years late. I have been taking care of an elderly Gandparent and just last week, my Godfather went into the hospital with chest pains and ended up needing 5 bypasses.
    So to all of you, have your cholesterol checked! He is only 60 years old.

    Any how, during the April meeting, I asked how I could help, and now I see that great persons like Mike, Norman, Eileen, Arnold, and many others have done lots organizing, planning, etc to get things done for the June meeting.

    Please let me know what's missing and/or what I can help with. Thank you!
  2. Mr. Ugly

    Mr. Ugly Past President


    Sorry about the health problems! Hope everything is working out.

    Thanks for offer to help. Aside from longer term organizing and ongoing coordination, we'll have work specific to individual meetings and programs as we continue to put things together. Right now, just participating in the forums, meetings, and activities will be helpful.

    One of our current needs is to get a new vector graphics logo for our club. We want to have this in time for the BA-CFM. If you're good with design and image editing, please enter the logo contest! If you know people who are good in that area, you can encourage them to enter too.

    If you think you're able to attend all/most of thne meetings, we always need someone to set up and put away chairs, tables, signs, equipment, etc at the meetings. If you want to be the guy that does this and makes sure that we always have it covered, that would be cool. You totally pulled it off for the frag swap earlier this year :)

    If you have corals you'd like to put in the Don't Break the Chain project, that would be another big help. Also, if you want to receive frags, preference is given to those that will put their own corals into the program, since we are trying to expand it at this point.

    I'll be posting a message soon, but a heads up for you since you asked... BAR is looking for digital photos to use at the BA-CFM. We have a neat "surprise" planned :) For now, I'll just say that if you have cool pics of reef related stuff that you can let BAR use at the CFM, that would be great!

    If you poke around on the forums, you'll probably see other stuff that you could jump in on.

  3. maynor

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    Hello Norman,

    I hope every things is well with you. Thanks for getting back to me.

    In terms of design, drawing or any things along those lines, I go as far as stick figures with crayons, if that.

    I will try to participate as much as possible here in the forum.

    As things are right now, I think I should be able to make it to meetings, so when I am there, the club can count on me to work on cleaning, picking up, setting up and any other grease-monkey-work that I can safely perform with my limited intellectual capacity. LOL

    In terms of photography, I don't even own a digital camera any more, so that settles that.

    I would like to donate some corals to the Dont Break the Chain project, so I'll look into doing that.

    Thanks again Norman and we are in touch!
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    WooHooo! Go Maynor. I hope to see at more meetings!

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