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Discussion in 'Welcome!' started by Ranjib Dey, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Ranjib Dey

    Ranjib Dey Guest

    Hi Everyone,
    I have joined the forum recently, I am relatively new to reef keeping. I had experience with fresh water aquariums (7 years). Currently I have a 29G biocube, mixed reef. which is 10 month old. I set it up after 2 years of reading and pondering about setting up one :) . I finally got the first tank when we got our first kid (Ryan), we spend lot of time watching the corals.

    I past three months I have also setup two pico reefs, one of them (left most) I use as a quarantine tank, while the other is used to test my Raspberry Pi based controller (more on in dedicated thread, hopefully).

    I get very little time after the day job & family stuff to stay active in the forum, but I would really like to engage in community activities, sharing and any way I can help others.

    Current tanks: Pico reefs are powered by Raspberry Pi controller. Left most one is used as quarantine tank,

    FTS of the biocube

    One of the pico reef that is not quarantine tank, its newest member, and mostly used for developing the raspberry pi controller

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  2. sjbro

    sjbro Guest

    Welcome to BAR. Your tanks look cool & neat. I'm looking forward to the Raspberry Pi controller dedicated thread.
  3. Calde0920

    Calde0920 Guest

    Welcome and tanks looks great
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  4. Gablami

    Gablami Guest

    Welcome ranjib. Agree, all looks very nice and neat :).
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  5. Baykes

    Baykes Supporting Member

    Welcome to the club! I like the tanks, as well. Who is the manufacturer for the pico?
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  6. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    Welcome to BAR!

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  7. Newjack

    Newjack Supporting Member

    welcome, tanks are very nice
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  8. nbaiju

    nbaiju Supporting Member

    Welcome. Nice to have someone nearby.
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  9. hyacinth

    hyacinth Guest

    Nice li'l tanks!
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  10. jonmos75

    jonmos75 Supporting Member

    Welcome, Looks like we are going to have another great year of events hope to meet you at some of them. Nice tanks BTW
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  11. roostertech

    roostertech Guest

  12. Ranjib Dey

    Ranjib Dey Guest

    One of the pico is Fluval Spec 3, other one is imagitarium 3.7 G, from petco.
    I am wondering if the Raspberry Pi based controller thread should be in general forum or DIY ?
  13. Iris

    Iris Guest

    Hi Ranjib Dey,

    Congratulations with the child !! Now you have family hobby...this is amazing feeling !!
    You have awesome tanks...all of them are beautiful ;)
    Do you plan to have some fish?What is your son's favorite fish?

  14. rygh

    rygh BOD

    Nice setup.

    Looks like a fun controller. Touch screen? Suggest DIY forum.
  15. Esmail

    Esmail Guest

    hello guys, im new here as well. I cant seem to find the link to post a new forum. can anyone help?
  16. Kensington Reefer

    Kensington Reefer Supporting Member

    You need to become a $upporting member
  17. Ranjib Dey

    Ranjib Dey Guest

    I have three fishes in the 29G . An ocellaris clown, a hipo tang (was a mistake, he is small 1", and I am finding a new home for him) and another 1" tailspot blenny on the fluval spec 3 Pico. The third pico tank has no fish. Only couple of snails and a hermit crab.

    My son loves the clown & tang. He talks to those fishes almost every morning, in his own words.. :)
  18. Ranjib Dey

    Ranjib Dey Guest

    Yes, it is. I am trying to get some documentation done, I'll post the details in the forum once thats done.
  19. kriche28

    kriche28 Guest

    I really like your tank and I have the same tank as yours for the 3.7 gallon. I am just starting right now.
    What filtration are you using? and the light you have is amazing
  20. Ranjib Dey

    Ranjib Dey Guest

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