[HELP!] Heater broke

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by iCon, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. iCon

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    Tank sitting for a friend and went in for the first time today. Fed the fish and I hear what sounded to be a rock hitting the side of the tank. Looked around, all rocks seemed in place and nothing was near a tank wall. Went to feed the BTAs and dose some Ca, (manually...definitely not my tank =P) and I smell something funny. At first thought it was the frozen foods or something left out and was about to leave but something just didn't seem right so I checked the back of the tank... Found a glass Visi-Therm heater broken in two. Clean split, right at the thermostat and charred inside. Not sure why I didn't get a good jolt because it was all still plugged in when I was feeding the nems but someone on here can probably explain.

    Any advice to the situation? Ran home, grabbed a canister packed with fresh carbon and put it on the tank. About 3 hours later, the tank still wreaks of *something*... electrical/burning hair/bad. Would have done a water change but no mixed water on hand. Next chance I'll have to do anything is tomorrow evening. Water should be ready by then but any other advice? Some reading and it seems like older heaters have toxic stuff in them, while most of the newer ones are said not to but not sure how true that is. Inhabitants seemed fine for now... = Tiz the season :santa:
  2. Coral reefer

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    Carbon and water changes. I got 100 gal mixed up at all times in outer mission if u need. Can maybe do it for u in the morn?
  3. sfsuphysics

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    I'd also toss in a poly filter pad, as they're useful in absorbing heavy metals and stuff out of the water.
  4. iCon

    iCon Supporting Member

    Thanks Mike and Mike - I'll take off early today and pick up a poly filter pad though I'm not sure how to get it in this tank... No sump, no fuge and hardly a skimmer. :(

    Any idea on the time frame with this sort of event? Seems relatively common but considering it's not my tank and the horrid smell, want to be sure I'm putting in a complete best effort to my ability. Would have been changing water at 3am if I didn't have to work :tired:
  5. rygh

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    Ahh, the smell of fried electronics. Far to familiar.
    Generally that nasty smell is from the PVC insulation and other plastics incinerating.

    I have absolutely no idea what it will do to coral. So carbon+poly seem like a good idea.
    But I can say that it is considered annoying but harmless in the electronics industry.
    You open the doors to get the lingering smell out, but no need to evacuate.
  6. gimmito

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    I'm off today if you need any help.

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