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Discussion in 'Other Reef Talk' started by muhli, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. muhli

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    I have some pictures on my other tank build thread, but I'll put them here as well. My Mg level is at 1200, which isnt that low. There doesnt seem to be any kind of matting where the roots are. Fairly easy to pull, it just breaks where the stem is, I cant seem the pull the root.
    12318470_10153298952177781_1754951237_o.jpg 12333019_10153298952027781_155497860_o.jpg 12334163_10153298952382781_1338264516_o.jpg
  2. rygh

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    Looks like typical green hair algae to me.
    A hassle, but not a menace like Bryopsis.

    The usual:
    Get Nitrates down. Many methods (water-changes/vinegar/vodka/ATS/RDSB/biopellets/etc)
    Increase predators. Snails/Herbivores.
    Manual removal of big spots.
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  3. muhli

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    My nitrates and phosphates are at 0. I'm dosing daily with NoPox and its helping a lot. My turbos wont eat it. I know because I put on directly on top of a big patch and with patches surrounding it. It didnt eat anything. I did this method before and it would at least leave a small late night munchie trail
  4. Enderturtle

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    Well you have a number of options:

    If you want to go the "natural" route, scrub out the algae with a tooth brush. For a 28 gallon, Add 10 blue-legged hermit crabs, and 4 astrea, 4 trochus, and 2 turbos. The idea is if you have enough of different algae predators you may encounter the snail or hermit that likes eating that algae.

    If you want the quick fix, use Algae FX and follow the instructions on the bottle.

    I had a nasty hair algae problem that didnt go away for 4 months. Attacked it with everything I had (toothbrush scrubbing, GFO, heavy water changes, blackouts, extra clean up crew, sea hare,) when all of that didn't work, I used Algae FX. Killed off the hair algae. It grew back much slower the following week but I could see my clean up crew eating the new growth. Now I have no hair algae.
  5. muhli

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    Taking out the rocks to battle is out of the question. Never want to go that route again.

    Its probably hair algae from what other people are saying too. It seems to be the general consensus. Going to stop dosing NoPox for now to see if it makes a difference. Going to rely heavily on phosguard and manual removal while water changing.

    If that does work, I'm going to use AlgaeFX.

    Last resort will be to upgrade tanks. jk

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