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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Jeff Rehling, Dec 23, 2018.

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    Yes agreed. An extra hole is always good
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  2. JVU


    If you answer the questions I asked up near the top of the thread, preferably with pics, we could give you some actual advice.

    I fully realize these things are confusing. And having family around for Holidays makes it 10x more stressful.

    If I had to guess based on what you’ve said so far, I think your main drain is either closed too much or clogged, causing your emergency drain to kick in to action, which is super noisy on purpose to let you know there’s a problem. This raises the water level in your tank a little because the e-drain is higher, which lowers the water level in your sump return and suck air into the return pump.

    If that’s all true, then you need to fix whatever the issue is with your main drain, which is usually accomplished by letting it run full-open for a bit to clear out then recalibrate the valve. Then you may need to add some water to get your return chamber correctly leveled.
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    A bit of a side warning:
    If your water levels in the sump are going up and down a lot due to the overflow issues, and
    you have a strong ATO, you salinity levels may be jumping around.
    Test salinity!
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    yes, i do. thanks
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    Did you get it figured out?

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