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  1. Hi all!! I'm new to online forum and I'm looking to get back on the reefing hobby again. I owned multiple tanks throughout the years of reef keeping but, never joined a reef forum. I usually just buy corals from LFS, craigslist and our trusted PETCO.hehe.

    I hope by joining this forum I can share my experience and learn more things about this hobby.

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  2. jamie

    jamie Supporting Member

    welcome, i just got back in the hoby myself, tank is only been running fir a month.
  3. Thank you!

    I actually have a tank setup and running already. It's a 20g inovative drop down tank. Heres a picture. [​IMG]

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  4. Newjack

    Newjack Supporting Member

    looks nice,
  5. Thank You!

    Its only been up and running for 4 months. I made a rookie move and put a RBTA last month. Now that poor anemone is bleaching.

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  6. glee

    glee BOD

    Welcome to BAR.
  7. jamie

    jamie Supporting Member

    hope ya figure out why the rbta is bleaching, im waiting to get one as well.
  8. I think the tank it's not mature yet. 6 months to 1 years is the ideal cycle time before putting an anemone. I just got the anemone for a great price that's why I bought it.

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  9. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Supporting Member

    Don’t nems typically bleach from too much light? Are there other factors that play into it?

    I just read that high temps will do it too. Anything that causes the nem to expel its zooxanthellae.
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  10. popper

    popper Supporting Member

    Welcome. Glad to have you and your honesty with the RBTA. That's one tank I haven't own. The double decker.
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  11. JVU


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  12. I dont know if too much light can actually bleach an anemone. Im running my AI prime 8 hrs a day with only 40% so I dont thinks it's the light. My temp is good so I dont that's the issue.

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  13. Kim Pattison

    Kim Pattison Sponsor

    Welcome to the club
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  14. iani

    iani Supporting Member

    Just a guess but nutrients may be too low.
  15. OurCoralReef

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  16. jccaclimber

    jccaclimber Supporting Member

    Are you feeding the nem?
  17. Yes I'm feeding them. They are actually doing ok. Mouth is close and they are attached to my rock works. I just really think my system is to young to put them in.

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  18. Heres an updated photo of my tank and the bleached anemones. They are actually starting to color backup. I just did a 10 gallon water change yesterday.

    My setup has been up and running since January 2019. I added the nems last month.I figured it was ready for anemone but I guess not. My tank is not mature enought. All my parameters are good though. I think that's because I started my cycle with dry rocks. If I had live rocks to start my cycle, 6 months should be good.But if you start with dry rocks with natural cycle dont add anemome for a year. I just learned something new everyday.[​IMG]

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  19. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Supporting Member

    I added my rbta right after the cycle was done (so like 3-4 weeks). I used all new dry rock. It didn’t have any problems.
  20. Wow interesting. Did you add dry sand also? What did u use when cycling your tank?

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