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Discussion in 'Welcome!' started by rygh, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. rygh

    rygh BOD

    Hi all,
    I have been active in a few other reef forums, but noticed this nice local one, so figured I should join in.

    I currently have a 75 gallon reef system.
    Had it about 2 years, so not a newbie, but definitely a rookie.
    Well reef is a big stretch. It is mostly fish, a few softies, and lots of bubble algae.
    I guess I am more into fish than coral, but slowly changing.

    But I am into it enough to upgrade in a big way. Going to a 250 gallon system.
    Hence the crazy.
    Primarily upgrading so I can finally get some big tangs. But also just fun in general.
    But I do have some hard corals planned for the center. And who knows where that will lead.
    New stand is about half done. Some of the filter system is done. Some of electronics are done.

    I am also heavily into being more natural, and using less power.
    So filter is algae turf scrubber (mostly), lighting is transitioning to LED, system is heavily insulated, chiller is
    evaporation based, using modern prop powerheads, and more.
    Hence more crazy.

    Everything is DIY except the tank. Although even reconsidering that now.
    Notice a trend...

  2. tuberider

    tuberider Guest

    Sounds like fun.
  3. nudibranch

    nudibranch Guest

  4. r0ck0

    r0ck0 Guest

    Pics or it didn't happen!
  5. rygh

    rygh BOD

    What, you don't believe everything you read on the net?

    I was thinking of adding to the DIY forum, but I guess I could add to the journal forum as well.
    At least, after I get the new tank. Until I write the check, still vapor-ware.
  6. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member

    Check this out!
    What a deal!!!!
  7. rygh

    rygh BOD

    I will definitely try to contact him.
    What forum was that in?
    I am still new to the site, and can't seem to find the search either.
  8. r0ck0

    r0ck0 Guest

    Search is via google:

    Type in the google search:
    site:bareefers.org "SPS"

    You need to be an official paid member to access the buy,sell, trade section.
  9. rygh

    rygh BOD

    Ahh, Looks like I need to be a member to PM as well.
    Wow, a whole $20.
  10. tuberider

    tuberider Guest

    Yep, you don't think speaker fees and plane tickets are free do ya? ;)
  11. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    Speakers are charging you?
  12. tuberider

    tuberider Guest

    We pay a speaker fee as a gratuity, it's not formal, more of a thanks :)

    Why you wanna speak :D
  13. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    People say I all ready talk too much :lol:

    Nah, like I've told ~15 other people this year alone, I'm not really into "public speaking". I should be into it though, I could make a lot more money via my employer and get to travel 3x as much :)
  14. tuberider

    tuberider Guest

    Can you communicate psychically?
  15. rygh

    rygh BOD

    If he could, why would he use this forum.
    BTW: Paid that huge bill. Now a real member. Or at least will be once the processing goes through.
    I can hardly wait for all those free frags. J)
  16. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    I can but for some reason my powers are limited to just myself that I can psychically communicate with :lol:
  17. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    I can loan you my bat.
  18. rygh

    rygh BOD

    Yikes, what have I gotten in to here??
    Someone been sampling the puffer fish lately?
  19. bookfish

    bookfish Guest

    Is this the line for free coral?
  20. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    No, got a source? Fugu for the win :)


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