Hi, someone wanna write this project up?

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    Patrick, I'll have to quote your previous post in the article that I'm writing for RHM!

    No prob...as you stated above, it would be cool if everyone contributed their own "frag" of input for this article.

    I wasn't here for the brith of this program, but i feel this sudden rush of LE corals everyone speaks of truly exemphlifies the "lead by example" motif to new members such as myself. As stated in the guidelines, every coral is welcome. From Tyree LE's to brown palys, seasoned veterans to new reefkeepers, this is our common ground where everyone is on an equal playing field. Our goal to save the reefs, diversify propagating selections, and come together as a group of people doing what we love doing hopefully raises the bar for clubs nation wide.

    To us, the term "LE" is just a metaphor for "DBTC extreme".
  2. bookfish

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    I'm really looking forward to seeing this article in print.
    Thanks everyone for the effort!
  3. bookfish

    bookfish Guest

    Very nice article and thanks to all!-Jim
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    guys, thx for getting the article into rhm. that's were I read about DBTC and got the thread started in the ManhattanReefs forums..

    thx guys

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