High Nitrate and phosphate

Discussion in 'Reef Chemistry' started by nly04, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. Coral reefer

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    Gfo and more water changes 30% per month is bare minimum IMO.
  2. rygh

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    Vacuum out the Cyano, and run GFO!
    You mention that, so you seem to be on the right track. It just takes time.
  3. jonmos75

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    I was using BRS bio-pellets when I started to set up my reactor and had well...piss poor results until a friend of mine told me about using Warner Marine ecoBAK plus pellets + using Mircrobactor7 and it dropped everything in less than a month and as of my last test NO3=0.025 & PO4=0.02

    But that is what worked for me and I am going to be selling my GFO/Carbon Reactor due the the great results I have been getting for over the last 4months now....but every tank is different, you just need to find what work for your tank.
  4. nly04

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  5. jonmos75

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    I have the same Bio-pellet reactor, but am running Eco-Bak Plus pellets and started off with 1000mL and am up to 1500mL and I running it & my BRS carbon reactor off a Sicce 3 pump
  6. nly04

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    I running Dr tim bio pellet with Boyu pump rate at 660gph, the carbon reactor is T off from return pump.
  7. jonmos75

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    I just look and you are doing fine in my opinion regarding the Redfied Ratio:

    your NO3=4
    your PO4=.45
    your gal 120 = 454 L

    Here is a copy translated from German to English with your results...

    The ratio of nitrogen / phosphorus is OK, what relationship is not a real adjustments are required

    To obtain optimum balance, you can add 10:43 mg / l Potassium nitrate. In this tank is that in total 4.73 grams Potassium Nitrate

  8. jonmos75

    jonmos75 Supporting Member

    I understand that the physical numbers are high, but the ratio is good...so if you try to lower your PO4 & NO3 you are going to want to get them rebalanced, but I wouldn't be chasing those lower numbers unless your corals are telling you other wise!!!!
  9. nly04

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    when you switch to Warner Marine ecoBAK plus pellet, is the process biopellet start over again or it continue? if it start over again, how long will it take to get effect?
  10. jonmos75

    jonmos75 Supporting Member

    When I swapped over I noticed a difference within a couple weeks ( I was amazed how well they did), unlike the BRS pellets took 4 months with crappy results...and I dose 10mL of microbactor7 twice a week

    The other thing I liked was the pellets are small so they tumble really easy and they smell like nopox...(which I did use briefly to help when my NO3 & PO4 were high, but nopox turns your whole tank into a bio-pellet reactor so I would be very careful if you use that...could get algae blooms (luckily I didn't when I used it)
  11. nly04

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    Thank you for the info Jon.
  12. jonmos75

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    no problem...

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