How many gallons total does BAR have? Post your total volume please

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    Tony had this complicated formula (see post #73 above) for figuring tank volumes (Tony is smart H) me, only a little smart.... ) Since Tony's post, I found this on Reef Chemistry's site that Jeremy turned me on to for adding / adjusting chemicals, but I noticed this link on the page that may help you cut through some of the steps that Tony's formula may have required. :~

    This may not be as accurate as Tony's formula as it does not take into account, for instance, the thickness of the acrylic or glass, but I think it may be pretty close for those who want a good estimate for dosing their tanks.

    This is it:

    Thanks again to Tony and Jermemy for bringing these resources forward. :star:


    Any totals for both Clubs yet? Looks like CO is approaching 25,000. Good thing Gresham's keeping them honest. 0:)
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    210 for me

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