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    If you read the RHM article that was posted, Randy found there is no real need to wash frozen food. It will thaw on its own, so no water needed to help with that. Just thaw in the refrigerator, then mix the vits in and allow to sit in the fridge a little longer.
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    Actually, that was the one part of the article that frustrated me a bit.
    He made a big assumption there on the phosphate level in the food-water.
    "Let's assume that means 1 ppm phosphate, which would give a very dark blue color in many phosphate tests."
    Unfortunately, I think the way these tests work, once off scale, they stay the same color.
    Meaning, 1 ppm or 1000 ppm would be almost the same color.
    So perhaps it is only 1%, but perhaps it is 50% or more. I don't know.

    My opinion/guess: What we wash off is more small food particles than it is preservatives.
    Thus it would probably have the same percentage of phosphates as the food.
    And since by volume it is so low compared to the big chunks of food, it is not particularly important.

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    He addressed that in a private conversation. Also, read on what he states the main source for PO4 is, it takes a lot of small particles of that to actually make a decent PO4 jump. There is NO preservative used commercial aquarium feeds that is a PO4 source. Using such a thing is just silly. Only DIY hobbyists need to worry about PO4 sourced from preservatives.

    I know what we wash off. I witness hundred of pounds of mysis being washed weekly. It's mainly oils and food particles.

    I have my own issues with the article, but he addressed those when I emailed him.

    At anytime you feel something is wrong, speak up. It's not like he's hiding.
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