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    Name is Joe. I've been the reefing since my early days at Cal '96, so its been almost 20yrs. (Actually used to go to BAR meetings at Reef Science when it used to BARE.) It started with 10G tank with Star Polyps and progressed to 20G Long, 40G Breeder then to finally to 100G Dual MH setup. I took a 2-3yr break and again restarted in 2005, with a 24G Nano Cube, then 60G, the 30G shallow cube and now a 45G cube. I've followed too many trends and probably made every mistake in this hobby and will probably continue to do so. :( Met some great guys while on NorCal Reef Club (now defunct) and they introduced me to BAR...

    Drilling a 60mm hole for my 1.5 inch overflow drain. Used a piece of styrofoam as my guide and lots of water.

    Prepped the back and spray painted it flat black using $1 spray paint from Walmart.

    800+ GPH ghost-style overflow that I picked up on Ebay seller ModularMarine for $99.

    I asked for a custom 3in wide box, so I need to cut my 1/2 pipes to make it fit.

    Some tuning needed, but herbie-bean overflow is almost silent. (Most of the noise comes from the water entering the overflow box...maybe should have gotten a longer box...) Drainage volume is more than sufficient... really amazing how much water can flow through a 1/2 in pvc with siphon!


    Lighting via A360 TunaBlue Kessil at 100%. Circulation is a Tunze 6105 and Gyre 130. I have too many frags messy-ing my tank at the moment...(when is the next frag swap?)


    Control is done via Reefkeeper Lite. NAC6 skimming. I have a set of BRS doser, but haven't gotten around to setting up yet, so its manual for now...

    And that's about it for hardware...
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    Sweet setup, was going to say that inch and half drain hole sounds huge for a tank like that, then I realized it's out the back not the bottom.

    What's that curved bar thingy on top though with your lights? Is that part of the structure that's holding up your Kessil?
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    Looks good Joe! Don't forget I owe ya a space monster frag.

    We're still planning out events for 2016 but the Members Frag Swap will be early in the year. This year we had it in March.
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    Its a $10 DIY MULIG light stand from Ikea...
    turned into...

    Thanks Ender, I owe you something too! You were so generous when I stopped by the other day... Hopefully I have something that you want...LMK
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